Saturday, April 3, 2010

now on blogger!

I've moved to blogger! After years of nicely being hosted by a friend of mine (for free) and doing semi-regular wordpress upgrades, i've moved over to a hosted and less maintenance blogging solution.

Can't customize the layout as much, but my layout was kinda ass anyways. I barely update this anymore anyways, but do want to see it live on in posterity for the foreseeable future, so hopefully with this migration it will do just that.

It took me... about an hour to take 5 years of babble and move it somewhere else, formatting and comments retained. If you ever need to migrate from a self-hosted wordpress to blogspot, ignore ALL other sites but this one:

During the process it was amazing to see my entire blog reduced down to about 4.5MB. Then i realized i hadn't deleted a lot of comment spam, so deleted it, and it went down to less than 1MB. Crazy town.

And now... off to get an iPad, wish me luck!!!

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