Tuesday, October 6, 2009

unsolicited extra recycling for two weeks

I really enjoy going running tuesday mornings as its a good opportunity to spy on what other folks are tossing out in their recycling. Normally all i'm curious about is who's getting gluten free pizza, or how there is just as much soy milk being recycled as their is normal milk (i admit, this is all mostly a product of running through the glebe).

However this morning during my run all i could oogle at is how many ottawa citizens were in the paper recycling. All the bins appeared to be FILLED with ottawa citizens, dwarfing any insight into new gluten free pizza joints. I am also victim of this, as i guess the citizen is doing some promotion where they are giving it away free for two weeks (at least in centertown and the glebe).

Assuming they don't already, i think the citizen (and all newspapers for that matter) should pay some sort of tax or kickback to the city to help pay for increased recycling costs. I don't think its fair that all they need to do is pay to have their product PRODUCED, but its the city and our taxes that have to pay to throw it out, something we didn't even solicit. Again, perhaps they do already, so hopefully someone can educate my ignorance if thats the case.

I don't think newspapers are useless, and occasionally enjoy them myself. Every once in a while i enjoy leafing through one over breakfast or a coffee, but maybe only once or twice a year. I'm definitely of the "new media" mind in that i can find all the sources i care about online, can read them on my computer or phone, and don't need to print anything to access it. Newspapers days are likely numbered as we all know - i think the best way to deal with it is to raise their prices and turn them into a premium product - when i want to read the paper i would gladly pay 5 or 6 bux for it as opposed to less than the price of a tall mild from starbucks (which i've been enjoying a lot lately). I think anyone in the news or that does enjoy or need to read the paper on a daily basis could likely afford to pay a few bux more for all the content contained within. That, and the cost really should include some of "total" costs for creation and disposal of the paper, i can't imagine that <2$ per paper is cutting it (again, i could be very wrong here).

One other thing that bugs me about the citizen is that they released an article a few weeks ago about how they're going to have this great new mobile frontend - still haven't seen it. I actually think their current interface is fine on my iPhone, i just don't like hearing about something new then not actually seeing it or hearing anything about it ever again. What gives citizen??

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  1. So... you'd be willing to pay six bux for one hard copy, plus entirely self-financing the electronic gizmoid that you need to read all those virtual zeros and ones? There's maybe more than one kind of downloading going on in that schema. I'm just sayin'...