Thursday, October 8, 2009

starbucks in kanata

So speaking of starbucks, recently i've been getting my love on for their coffee. It is rich and flavorful, and has a wicked jolt of caffeine. I used to drink the "bold" but now i just stick with the "mild" with a bit of whole/2% milk and i'm on cloud nine for an hour+ (ok i also add sugar on the weekend).

I had quit coffee for a while towards the beginning of the summer, but now that i've forgotten what insanity brought me to such a decision, i'm rediscovering my love affair... i mean, having something like a hot, practically intoxicating cup of coffee to look forward to in the morning makes everything ok, and provides adequate reason to get out of bed on otherwise unpleasant mornings. Coupled with a lazy saturday or sunday morning, or even a work from home day when you have "fun" stuff to look forward to, and its a massive motivation maker.

Having said all that, most days i work in kanata. I normally float up march road north to the "high tech mecca" of ottawa, and pass by the metro (formerlly loeb) to pick up a salad for lunch. Via this route to work, there is no official starbucks. There is however an incognito starbucks within the brookstreet, but its a minor detour, parking is slow, they don't take starbucks cards, and service is also kinda slow. When i can avoid my morning salad, my alternative and preferred route is to take terry fox and hit the starbucks at the (of all things) canadian tire gas station... wtf!!

To give a point to what would otherwise be an endless rant, why the hell isn't there an easily accessible starbucks in the kanata north high tech area? Not ONE. We have one dedicated tim hortons, plus a tim hortons at the esso, and thats it. Every morning that tim hortons has a line up of cars and a full parking lot, and they don't even serve coffee!!! (ok some of you may call it coffee, i would have to call it a pseudo-coffee flavoured drink - it does NOT taste like coffee). If i ever loose my job and can strap together some capital, i'm going head to head with those mofo's and opening my own starbucks in kanatas high tech area, where everyone is friendly and smiling, and we serve wicked product at a fair price. Not only that but we'd have lots of comfy chairs, some seating outside, and all the wifi you could get at so when you need to take a break from constant interruptions at work, you could settle down with liquid pleasure and actually get some work done.

What about this spot right here? (PS - Yay google street view!!! This is the absolute extent of it though, it doesn't seem to work any further up march).

One note - i would definitely opt for a bridgehead instead, but they should probably keep their exclusive edge and stay in hip neighborhoods, starbucks obviously has no such exclusivity principals... or do they?


  1. Brilliant idea! (I prefer Bridgehead, but you make a good point regarding keep them exclusive to hip areas)

  2. Yeah Tim Hortons coffee is grossly overrated! It tastes like sludge! Starbucks is good, but overpriced and kinda pretentious in the ordering process. My top picks are Second Cup and Timothy's.

    Perhaps you could open one of those on March road.:)

  3. I try to tell myself that I can make a coffee or latte at home that is just as good as Starbucks, but something keeps drawing me back there. Oh well, there are worse things to be addicted to.