Sunday, September 27, 2009

poached eggs on seed bread with arugula

Hell ya, I love breakfast in front of the computer!!!

As i can see by this post in feb, i think my poaching skills have improved, although i still have a long way to go. Its true, vinegar IS the key. Yay improvement!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

game/movie like dream

I had a strange dream last night that as i woke up reminded me of pink floyd's "the wall" (the movie). But it was nothing like it.

I was with others in some remote amazonian village. There were strange locals there but for the first while we had to hide from from them because we thought they'd kill us or something. We came upon a sacred river crossing that was supposed to be "the place" where some things would happen, and sure enough they did happen. I'm just not exactly sure what but within a short period there was loud noise and thunder as the locals, seemingly hundreds of feet tall came upon us. Then they were normal size, and I was asked by some chief local some very poignant questions in a language i knew nothing about. I answered, wisely i gather, as some music went off and she riffled up a todo list of things i needed to do and collect from the surroundings. I made no effort to remember them because i knew at any point in the future i could access my inventory for a complete list... this is when i realized i was in some sort of video game.

A short while later i was aboard some boat on one of these rivers, likely out performing some of the quests. The boat was made entirely of logs and 2x4's and had a flat surface, kind of like a barge but made entirely of wood and really high off the water... like a floating "deck". I remember having one of my accompaniments flinging skateboards off the deck into the river below. I annoyingly asked him why he was doing that, and he seemed perfectly justified in doing so, even though the last skateboard he threw off belonged to me. I was determined to skate on top of the boat, but he wouldn't go fetch my board, and somehow i was incapable of doing so myself. Then finally i remember thinking that the whole amazon/quest thing was some movie that often reminded people of pink floyd's "the wall". Then i woke up.

I like the occasional weird dream, but have been absent from them for some time. I find if i'm not reading or generally exploring some sort of creative pasttime, i don't dream. Well after many months of being incarcerated within work and duty, i realize its time to let myself out. I picked up a copy of William Gibson's "Spook Country" and started reading it last night, along with Neal Stephensons "Anthem" - both came highly recommended, but considering how slow and pathetically i read, i should start with the shorter one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooking class @ LCBO

So much butter!!! I didn't think you could put so much butter in one
dish!!! The risotto by initial uncooked volume definitely had more
butter than rice. Tasty, but when you see so much butter go in it's
kinda gross.

Good class though, good chef, decent Ontario wines, and a good eve all