Monday, June 22, 2009

dog days

Summer is here!! It feels like this summer will never end, this heat and this sweat. I love it, and hope it never does!!

I stopped in at the lcbo after work tonight and picked up a bill and a half's worth of booze. Mostly white wine (the white henry of phelam sibling rivalry is quite nice, 2 bottles), some bacardi rum (for mojitos of course!), a few stellas and some strongbow. Since the lcbo might be striking tomorrow night, i don't want to take any chances of a dry canada day. There is always hull/gatineau, but i figure i might as well get it here while i can. I urge you to do the same!

Now i'm out on the side patio, which i've been spending a lot of time on recently, drinking a beer, cooking some spontaneous meat and doing the first blog entry in many moons. I've been quite busy, but a very good busy.

The spontaneous meat is from "Olympia Market Center" on gladstone. The place gives me the creeps but i'm comitted to give it a few more chances as it is so close to my house. The guy in there is creepy, but if you know what you want i'm sure he can help you out. I didn't know what i wanted, but ended up leaving with a few small lamb chops which i'm sure will be tasty once cooked. For under 4$, you can't really go wrong. If anyone else goes to this place, please share your tips as to whats good, and whats a goiter.

I ran the half marathon a few weeks back, and am now actually still excercising which is very unusual - normally i just give up and start training again in the new year. Not this year!! I'm also doing yoga a few times a week... its on my own, but its better than nothing. I'm definitely healthier than i've been... well probably ever!

Happy summer to all!! Get the hell outside (if you're not outside already :))!!!