Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Me having an iphone has now lead me to believe everything is pretty much bite-sized in my internet appetite. I don't really spend the time to understand whats out there, or spend the time to look for and/or investigate ideas thoroughly.

I need to spend more time on the details i think. I'm lazy, and this needs to change. Bite-sized is better than nothing, but doesn't replace spending some QT with the old WWW.

Monday, May 18, 2009

don't let summer end so soon!

It feels like the first few weekends of the middle of spring, and soon summer, have just flown by. I have plans marked on my calendar for about half of the remaining weekends until september. I'm pretty sure i'm going to wake up one day, and it will be getting colder. Must hold on to the summer!! I know it hasn't/barely started, but i feel like its rushing away before my eyes... i have booked some time off end of july/early august which will be nice, but i think its going to be a constant challenge/goal to appreciate every moment of what is shaping up to be a beautiful summer of 09.

What has been keeping me busy?

  • electrical work - i turned a "ya, we can put an overhead light in the bedroom" into a complete re-wiring of the second story of my house... i found knob n tube, its gotta go, attic induced back pain ensues and will likely become a summer theme

  • work work - work has been VERY tumultuous lately, and likely not going to slow down for 18 months. I predict overtime, stress, highs n lows, precipitation is expected

  • running - i've been running like a mofo lately, i'm running in the half marathon next weekend and have been training for about 11 weeks, avg'ing about 4 runs a week, about 40km a week total. I'm f'in tired!!!

  • fambly times - i was outside of edmonton recently visiting fambly. Hit up some rural areas, hit the mall, hung out, it was really great, got to meet some family i've never met. I'd never want to live in edmonton, but its an interesting place to visit.

  • tweeting - because of lack of time i rarely hit up google reader anymore, and get most of my info from twitter. I follow @techcrunch, @ottawacitizen, @pitchforkmedia and misc ottawa folks. I post more musings there under @mobob than here thats for sure, its just way quicker and more convenient from my iphone that carving what feels like a stone tablet (ie this blog)

  • thinking about my prize - i won a prize over at the esi blog and i'm not sure which option i will go for. I don't want to be the cause of delightful banter and potentially unwanted attention so i don't think i'll pick the metablogging option, a recipe would make sense but doesn't seem exciting enough, so it'll likely be the topical one... just need an idea that would make sense and will get past their ethics committee and puddle of red tape - in fact, i think the esi's ethics committee of today would've poopooed the very raison d'etre of the esi's early days (ie metablogging the 5th muse)... or perhaps i'm being overly harsh

Go outside and breath its beautiful out there damn it!! Hang your clothes outside!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

nasty loo - half assed hvac

I love this restaurant, so it's hard for me to show this. But they've
always (3+ years) had a hole in the mens bath ceiling, and there's
always been a towel stuffed in the vent. The rest of the room is
nice, but the ceiling needs a makeover.

One new ceiling tile would turn this nasty shitter into a 4 star pisser!