Friday, February 27, 2009

If you're feeling down...

Poached eggs on toast is the cure!!! If you're feeling great, it'll only
make you feel better. Guaranteed. Well... Unless the yolks are too
or not runny enough, but that's just being picky.


  1. i love poached eggs but doesn't food always look so much yummier when someone else makes it!? lol. by the way, how do you make your poached eggs. i don't ever make them because i don't have a proper poacher. must one have a proper poacher to make poached eggs? i know. i'm 40 and i don't know this. it's bad.

  2. I checked youtube for vids and trial and error. I haven't used a poacher yet, just a couple inches of water in a deep fry pan or pot. The vinegar DOES help for sure, as does a good slotted spoon.