Tuesday, February 10, 2009

chips n salsa

One of my favorite snacks in the world is tortilla chips and salsa. I've tried making my own salsa before, and it can be quite good, but the amount of effort it takes is normally not worth the 4$ or so you can pay to get a nice jar of decent salsa. When i sit down to do some work on the computer, nothing gets me happier than being accompanied by big bowls of tortilla chips and salsa!!!

However, one thing i've often struggled with is the relative quantities. If you have a large fresh bag of chips, and an unopened jar of delicious salsa, how much salsa do you take relative to the amount of chips you have? I'm pretty good at estimating, and likely make subconscious adjustments along the way, but inevitably i end up with a bunch of dry chips, or mounds of salsa left at the end.

And incredibly when the bowls go back to the kitchen, they are both always empty. How can this be!!! This is evidence of the perseverance of the human spirit, and how we can defeat all odds to get the job done.

empty bowls - salsa verde, yum!!!
Salsa verde, yum!!

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  1. I'm in the same boat. I love salsa and chips, but I love making nachos more. You get to add meat, cheese, olive, tomatos.. yum