Saturday, January 10, 2009

we're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

I've somewhat simmered from my rant yesterday. I definitely had some good comments both on and off the blog, and i appreciate those. I can't help but wonder how i would be feeling if i actually ever used oc transpo!!!

As is often the case, and likely for some very deep and profound reason, old 80's songs pop into my head from time to time, and i sing them, or hum them, or whatever until i go and dig up the youtube video. For this one i didn't remember most of the lyrics, so the title of this entry is certainly NOT from memory. I obviously think its a scream. Gooooooo BONNIE!!!!

After watching if you'd like to confirm or deny my first inclination that she is simply a teacher thats obsessed with her students?


  1. sorry but unfortunately i cannot comment on the song cause i cannot access utube. but with regard to your opinion of the strike in light of the fact that you do not depend upon the bus is well taken. i believe that everyone in ottawa, in some way or another, has been affected by the strike. obviously some more than others. as you have correctly pointed out, yes some have lost their jobs, some cannot get to school to write exams, some health care workers (PWS's and the like) cannot get to the homes of their patients to help get them out of their beds in the morning for gods sake. it's sickening. personally i do not rely on the buses. however, i usually drop my kids at school in the mornings on the way to my work. i'm lucky i can do that but since the strike, with the increased traffic volume as a result of the strike, i need to leave early so they are on their own in the mornings. this is nothing compared to those that need transit and its those that i feel for. like i said yesterday, these people need to give their heads a shake and realize that they've got it darn good - many would take their jobs in a new york minute. sorry for the second rant!

  2. Best to keep a Bonnie Tyler fixation under wraps, as my son discovered 20-odd years ago when he was a horn player at Lisgar. Nothing wrong with getting all wranged up by those great Steinman chords but I'd say put it on the i-pod and keep the volume down when you're on the bus. Uhh, what bus was that?