Friday, January 9, 2009

union-ited en-raged

So NO is how our beloved drivers voted. They voted no to show "solidarity" and tell the city that its not about the money, its about the scheduling. So basically they said "this scheduling detail is big enough for us to NOT work and we think its worth holding the city hostage for". Negotiation? Bargaining? Its a frickin JOB, either take it, or don't!!!@%!

It seems an awful lot like a monopoly system to me, the type of system most courts and governments try hard to protect their citizens from. Does the union/octranspo have exclusive rights to drive buses in our area? Can't we open this up for negotiation to get some more efficient entity in place, one that won't hold our city hostage? I understand the logistics/training/infrastructure of such a deal probably make it impossible to continue such an avenue right now, but what if this goes on for a few more months? What if the city cannot realistically give the union what it wants and needs to find cheaper or more reasonable workers? I just can't see the fairness in "bargaining" for a contract for a job when a city is on hold while we wait... This whole union business seems SO dated, and its about time to scrap the overhead and counter productiveness they cause (or to cripple their ability to do so)... AHH!!!! Maybe if i was more educated in labour relations i'd have a better handle on this, but i'm not, so i'm voting to rant instead!!! I guess binding arbitration or something of the order needs to happen fast, but fuck this all seems so so expensive!!!

I do think the 64% vs 75% nonsense is silly. CBC pointed out that 75% of voters that turned up to vote voted NO, while the SUN reported 64% of total voters voted NO. The discrepancy is in the 300 or so voters that did not vote. The use of the 64% does not reflect well on our mayor and how what he interprets the strength of ottawas collective intellect to be, although i'd probably do the same thing.

I heard one 20+ year vet of octranspo speak on CBC radio this morning. I can't remember the exact word he used, but it was similar to "elated" to hear that his union voted NO. He was in amazingly high spirits. SO HAPPY to not be working and to be fucking a whole city over!! Are THESE the types of people we want to be driving us around!!! SO WRAPPED UP in their own shit that they can't see all the people being affected by this!! Ugg, i guess the same could be said to the city in that why don't they just offer them what they want to get back to work... the problem there is I pay the fucking taxes and want a more fiscally responsible bureaucatorship to stick it to our payed workers to ensure my money is being well spent! When i see them playing hardball, i tend to agree with it (naively assuming they're trying to save money).


I was cut off VERY rudely this morning and honked my horn. It was one of those cut offs where i was in one spot, and someone behind me basically jumped the line because they were more agro. They then sat in front of me for about 2 minutes blocking traffic. I was baffled, honked for about 5 seconds, but then stopped leaning. As soon as traffic cleared and they sped away i was left to fester on my lack of aggressiveness and wonder why i didn't lean on my horn for the 2 minutes i sat there. Now that i've had time to reflect i'm glad i didn't, because all the other folks surrounding didn't want to hear a horn for 2 minutes, and i'm glad i didn't damper their friday's too much. However, that one dude deserves a whole world of pain, and are likely simply in one if they are so selfish to think that they can ruin a whole group of peoples morning to give themselves an extra few minutes to bitch about the traffic. Likely a very sad oaf (thank goodness i'm not one of those!!! :).

Happy friday!!!


  1. At least you appreciate there may be nuances, Bob. Our mayor hasn't figured that out yet. I'm not taking sides, exactly, but I will say Mayor Larry got it almost right when he said there were no winners here.

    Except that he is less "not a winner" and more "a real loser"...

  2. It's all about inconvenience

  3. I think inconvenience is a little too lighthearted of a word... while i'm not one of them, i've heard some people have actually lost their job's because they couldn't get to work. I'm guessing they feel a little more than inconvenienced.

  4. I didn't mean to sound like an ass or high and mighty there, but i thought i'd mention it, please excuse my tuftiness ;)

  5. exactly! you are exactly right. it is a GOOD fricken job take it or leave it.

    today mayor larry did a huge diservice to our city with regard to his understanding of the voting numbers. i don't think he knows that he was talking feeling is that oc transpo busdrivers have had it way too good for way too long. they are acting like spoiled little brats. get a life people. have a good weekend.

  6. Down with unions. In this case, and many others, they are failing their members!
    There once was a place, but that place is no more. Can I get a high-five for individualism and rewarding hard work, not time?!