Friday, January 16, 2009

pantry stocking

Some good links for stocking your pantry.

I know i'm supposed to throw out spices that are over a year old, but i never have! Dried basil is NOT worthless, but arguably does give very little (it can be had in a tube, which seems to work a bit... a good substitute would likely be refridgerated pesto).

I've never even TRIED cooking dried beans, i should!

Tomato paste in a tube, check.

1/4lb of Prosciutto at all times - now THATS some stocking i look forward too!!

Yay food!!!


  1. this is the first time i have ever heard that you're supposed to throw spices out when they are over a year. yikes! the things you learn eh..

  2. Dried basil is very useful. I have quite a collection of dried spices myself. I wasn't aware you are supposed to throw them out after a year's time. I guess I should get cooking!

  3. Where can I buy tomato paste in a tube?

  4. Sorry for the delay - i just realized gmail was marking comments on my blog as spam!!

    Tomato paste in a tube - italian stores typically. Nicastros, pestos, bottega, all those places should have it. You can get the pure tomato paste, or the stuff with some mixed veggies in it tube, the stuff is great!