Sunday, November 8, 2009

easy sunday comfort food

My cuurent lazy staple:
- reheated short grain brown rice
- thawed hot frozen peas
- good chunk of kimchi
- ground coriander
- glug of sesame oil

Mmm... am I weird, or just lazy.,.?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

new table

With placemat overlap, and a mish mash of chairs, we are now ready to
seat 10, and have dine party affairs!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

starbucks in kanata

So speaking of starbucks, recently i've been getting my love on for their coffee. It is rich and flavorful, and has a wicked jolt of caffeine. I used to drink the "bold" but now i just stick with the "mild" with a bit of whole/2% milk and i'm on cloud nine for an hour+ (ok i also add sugar on the weekend).

I had quit coffee for a while towards the beginning of the summer, but now that i've forgotten what insanity brought me to such a decision, i'm rediscovering my love affair... i mean, having something like a hot, practically intoxicating cup of coffee to look forward to in the morning makes everything ok, and provides adequate reason to get out of bed on otherwise unpleasant mornings. Coupled with a lazy saturday or sunday morning, or even a work from home day when you have "fun" stuff to look forward to, and its a massive motivation maker.

Having said all that, most days i work in kanata. I normally float up march road north to the "high tech mecca" of ottawa, and pass by the metro (formerlly loeb) to pick up a salad for lunch. Via this route to work, there is no official starbucks. There is however an incognito starbucks within the brookstreet, but its a minor detour, parking is slow, they don't take starbucks cards, and service is also kinda slow. When i can avoid my morning salad, my alternative and preferred route is to take terry fox and hit the starbucks at the (of all things) canadian tire gas station... wtf!!

To give a point to what would otherwise be an endless rant, why the hell isn't there an easily accessible starbucks in the kanata north high tech area? Not ONE. We have one dedicated tim hortons, plus a tim hortons at the esso, and thats it. Every morning that tim hortons has a line up of cars and a full parking lot, and they don't even serve coffee!!! (ok some of you may call it coffee, i would have to call it a pseudo-coffee flavoured drink - it does NOT taste like coffee). If i ever loose my job and can strap together some capital, i'm going head to head with those mofo's and opening my own starbucks in kanatas high tech area, where everyone is friendly and smiling, and we serve wicked product at a fair price. Not only that but we'd have lots of comfy chairs, some seating outside, and all the wifi you could get at so when you need to take a break from constant interruptions at work, you could settle down with liquid pleasure and actually get some work done.

What about this spot right here? (PS - Yay google street view!!! This is the absolute extent of it though, it doesn't seem to work any further up march).

One note - i would definitely opt for a bridgehead instead, but they should probably keep their exclusive edge and stay in hip neighborhoods, starbucks obviously has no such exclusivity principals... or do they?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

unsolicited extra recycling for two weeks

I really enjoy going running tuesday mornings as its a good opportunity to spy on what other folks are tossing out in their recycling. Normally all i'm curious about is who's getting gluten free pizza, or how there is just as much soy milk being recycled as their is normal milk (i admit, this is all mostly a product of running through the glebe).

However this morning during my run all i could oogle at is how many ottawa citizens were in the paper recycling. All the bins appeared to be FILLED with ottawa citizens, dwarfing any insight into new gluten free pizza joints. I am also victim of this, as i guess the citizen is doing some promotion where they are giving it away free for two weeks (at least in centertown and the glebe).

Assuming they don't already, i think the citizen (and all newspapers for that matter) should pay some sort of tax or kickback to the city to help pay for increased recycling costs. I don't think its fair that all they need to do is pay to have their product PRODUCED, but its the city and our taxes that have to pay to throw it out, something we didn't even solicit. Again, perhaps they do already, so hopefully someone can educate my ignorance if thats the case.

I don't think newspapers are useless, and occasionally enjoy them myself. Every once in a while i enjoy leafing through one over breakfast or a coffee, but maybe only once or twice a year. I'm definitely of the "new media" mind in that i can find all the sources i care about online, can read them on my computer or phone, and don't need to print anything to access it. Newspapers days are likely numbered as we all know - i think the best way to deal with it is to raise their prices and turn them into a premium product - when i want to read the paper i would gladly pay 5 or 6 bux for it as opposed to less than the price of a tall mild from starbucks (which i've been enjoying a lot lately). I think anyone in the news or that does enjoy or need to read the paper on a daily basis could likely afford to pay a few bux more for all the content contained within. That, and the cost really should include some of "total" costs for creation and disposal of the paper, i can't imagine that <2$ per paper is cutting it (again, i could be very wrong here).

One other thing that bugs me about the citizen is that they released an article a few weeks ago about how they're going to have this great new mobile frontend - still haven't seen it. I actually think their current interface is fine on my iPhone, i just don't like hearing about something new then not actually seeing it or hearing anything about it ever again. What gives citizen??

Sunday, September 27, 2009

poached eggs on seed bread with arugula

Hell ya, I love breakfast in front of the computer!!!

As i can see by this post in feb, i think my poaching skills have improved, although i still have a long way to go. Its true, vinegar IS the key. Yay improvement!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

game/movie like dream

I had a strange dream last night that as i woke up reminded me of pink floyd's "the wall" (the movie). But it was nothing like it.

I was with others in some remote amazonian village. There were strange locals there but for the first while we had to hide from from them because we thought they'd kill us or something. We came upon a sacred river crossing that was supposed to be "the place" where some things would happen, and sure enough they did happen. I'm just not exactly sure what but within a short period there was loud noise and thunder as the locals, seemingly hundreds of feet tall came upon us. Then they were normal size, and I was asked by some chief local some very poignant questions in a language i knew nothing about. I answered, wisely i gather, as some music went off and she riffled up a todo list of things i needed to do and collect from the surroundings. I made no effort to remember them because i knew at any point in the future i could access my inventory for a complete list... this is when i realized i was in some sort of video game.

A short while later i was aboard some boat on one of these rivers, likely out performing some of the quests. The boat was made entirely of logs and 2x4's and had a flat surface, kind of like a barge but made entirely of wood and really high off the water... like a floating "deck". I remember having one of my accompaniments flinging skateboards off the deck into the river below. I annoyingly asked him why he was doing that, and he seemed perfectly justified in doing so, even though the last skateboard he threw off belonged to me. I was determined to skate on top of the boat, but he wouldn't go fetch my board, and somehow i was incapable of doing so myself. Then finally i remember thinking that the whole amazon/quest thing was some movie that often reminded people of pink floyd's "the wall". Then i woke up.

I like the occasional weird dream, but have been absent from them for some time. I find if i'm not reading or generally exploring some sort of creative pasttime, i don't dream. Well after many months of being incarcerated within work and duty, i realize its time to let myself out. I picked up a copy of William Gibson's "Spook Country" and started reading it last night, along with Neal Stephensons "Anthem" - both came highly recommended, but considering how slow and pathetically i read, i should start with the shorter one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooking class @ LCBO

So much butter!!! I didn't think you could put so much butter in one
dish!!! The risotto by initial uncooked volume definitely had more
butter than rice. Tasty, but when you see so much butter go in it's
kinda gross.

Good class though, good chef, decent Ontario wines, and a good eve all

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

before the Y fell, this was the best superliminal msg ever

As seen on Kent St., at the whalesbone's sustainability laboratory.

Friday, July 31, 2009

a night of new experiences in the T dot

A few nights ago i had the pleasure of experiencing 2 very new and exciting sense related experiences in the large, fair, garbage filled city of toronto. The first was a restaurant called O Noir, and the second, a cocktail lounge called barchef.

What to say about O Noir... if you haven't heard, its not the first "in the dark" culinary experience in the world, but it is the first of its kind in our vicinity, and it had to be tried. Basically you walk down a set of stairs into the subterranean. You walk into a dark, dankly lit but classy hallway, and are greeted by very friendly people. You then navigate a little further and have a seat at the bar where you make your choice on 3 courses and initial drinks (32$ for 2 courses, 39$ for 3). Once all the decisions have been made you are led through a door "into the dark".

By into the dark, i mean into the absolute PITCH BLACK. It is complete sensory depravation. You are led in by very friendly, completely blind wait staff who keep chanting "careful" every 5 seconds as you are linked up, hand on shoulder with the person in front of you. A few minor bumps along the way and you sit down to be instructed where your cutlary are, put your bags on the floor, and start soaking in the feeling that you are completely BLIND. It is CRAZY weird, and i was honestly freaking out for the first 10 or 20 minutes (until the wine arrived).

The wait staff was very nice and frequently stopped by to bring the courses, and/or take requests. I ordered the octopus for my app, pasta for the main dish, and "the surprise" for dessert. Any course could be a surprise, and we were told it would be something distinct from the menu. Other options were calamari on greens, stuffed portobello caps, steak, risotto, chocolate cake and ice cream, mousse, and sorbet (and a few others). The menu was, well, less than amazing, but i'll get to that in a sec.

Dishes came and went pretty quickly actually, as did the wine. We initially ordered one bottle, then another, but we didn't actually pour anything - the server would just bring you glasses as you asked for them. The 2nd bottle went really fast, but without seeing it its hard to know how that actually happened. Eating in the dark takes some serious getting used to. As does talking, drinking, and well interacting in general. Having a conversation without observing the mannerisms is totally bizarre. We spent a good chunk of the meal simply discussing the experience of being without sight. It is remarkable, and i highly recommend it. I am a claustrophobic, easily anxious person, and i worked through it and had an amazing experience.

The one downside, which was only really realized upon reflexion after the meal was over, was that the food really wasn't very good. The meal options were quite standard, and the tastes were not overwhelming. It could have been SO much more. I would not have minded the standard options so much if the food actually tasted amazing. Now perhaps this could have been because of lack of sight, but if so, the proprietors should get on that and mix it up to have a more potent selection. The octopus had a very nice flavour, but the big chunky pieces were really chewy, and frankly not appropriate for eating in the dark! The pasta, same thing - flavour was really mild, and pieces of rigatoni in the dark - not remarkable. How about an orzo? Or even spaghetti with a creaming sauce? Or cannelloni even? Just SO standard, it could have been so much more!!

I think for this reason you should probably go to O Noir while you can - the price is right for this amazing experience, and i don't think it will last forever. Its a gimmick, one thats great, but unless they overhaul the culinary portion of it they will have very little repeat business, and likely not last forever.

Now on to the second, and actually more amazing experience of the night - barchef. Its this new, also dark abode where they serve from very classy, to ridiculously amazing molecular beverages (plus some delightful sounding apps, but we weren't there for the food).

The atmosphere of barchef is very appealing (to us anyways). Gorgeous wallcoverings and frames, amazing light fixtures, huge comfortable and roomy chairs. Its first come first serve with apparently no standing room so get there early. The place smells amazing and apparently all the ingredients are fresh/local/organic/whatever. There is a hunk of ice on the bar - no cubes here, just a pick and a bit of muscle!! There is an absinthe decanter/pourer on the bar too, ask the owner dude to tell you about it (he picked it up for 20$!!). Its just really nice and comfortable in there.

All the "recession" drinks are their "standard" drinks, but they are anything but standard, and at 8$ its a standard price at a decent club/lounge making it win win, and perhaps the best mixed drink you ever had.

My first drink however was off the molecular menu, and because of my lack of decision making and newfound risk taking desire, i ordered the "cocktail du jour" - i didn't even think to ask what it was coming from o noir and surprises and all. Everyone elses drinks arrived first amidst ooo's and aww's. My drink arrived on a plate/saucer 3 wide, and it was actually 2 drinks, with a ravioli in the middle. The drinks were, well, absolutely amazing - they were a gin base, had funky foam, one was burnt (a la creme brule), had chartreuse, mint, coriander, and i don't even know what else... holy crap, amazing. But the most amazing thing was the ravioli. Now this is not the typical ravioli, its some chemically created hunk of concentrated drink (in my case, mojito) in a little nugget shape, with a mint leaf and a little something else. When you put the spoon with the ravioli into your mouth, your supposed to slurp it onto your tongue (like an oyster), let it sit, then press down. And boy, it was a taste/flavour explosion!! It was literally the most concentrated most amazing taste type experience ever. It was fleeting, but i'd do it again in a heartbeat. Coming in at 20$ for the 2 cocktails + ravioli, this was highly worth it. All of the molecular drinks ranged from 15->45$ so they are not cheap, but everytime i can guarantee it will be an experience like no other. My other drink was caramelized banana which also had the most unique taste you could imagine - i wasn't a huge fan as it was quite strong and i'm a bit of a wus when it comes to strong hard liquors, but it was an experience nonetheless (that was easily polished off by others at the table).

Anyways, if you're in toronto anytime soon, and looking for a new experience, something truly different, i highly recommend checking either/both of these places out. I really enjoy my occasional visits to the T dot, they definitely have more of a range of neat places to shop and visit and eat and drink at, and its worth soaking them in from time to time as its very close to the O dot.

Friday, July 17, 2009

About #300 in line, apple store Ottawa, grand opening

This is why I've been too busy to blog - too busy waiting in line for free tshirt.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fantsty loo

Apparently I'm high class now... No more nasty. To the gnocchi!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

dog days

Summer is here!! It feels like this summer will never end, this heat and this sweat. I love it, and hope it never does!!

I stopped in at the lcbo after work tonight and picked up a bill and a half's worth of booze. Mostly white wine (the white henry of phelam sibling rivalry is quite nice, 2 bottles), some bacardi rum (for mojitos of course!), a few stellas and some strongbow. Since the lcbo might be striking tomorrow night, i don't want to take any chances of a dry canada day. There is always hull/gatineau, but i figure i might as well get it here while i can. I urge you to do the same!

Now i'm out on the side patio, which i've been spending a lot of time on recently, drinking a beer, cooking some spontaneous meat and doing the first blog entry in many moons. I've been quite busy, but a very good busy.

The spontaneous meat is from "Olympia Market Center" on gladstone. The place gives me the creeps but i'm comitted to give it a few more chances as it is so close to my house. The guy in there is creepy, but if you know what you want i'm sure he can help you out. I didn't know what i wanted, but ended up leaving with a few small lamb chops which i'm sure will be tasty once cooked. For under 4$, you can't really go wrong. If anyone else goes to this place, please share your tips as to whats good, and whats a goiter.

I ran the half marathon a few weeks back, and am now actually still excercising which is very unusual - normally i just give up and start training again in the new year. Not this year!! I'm also doing yoga a few times a week... its on my own, but its better than nothing. I'm definitely healthier than i've been... well probably ever!

Happy summer to all!! Get the hell outside (if you're not outside already :))!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Me having an iphone has now lead me to believe everything is pretty much bite-sized in my internet appetite. I don't really spend the time to understand whats out there, or spend the time to look for and/or investigate ideas thoroughly.

I need to spend more time on the details i think. I'm lazy, and this needs to change. Bite-sized is better than nothing, but doesn't replace spending some QT with the old WWW.

Monday, May 18, 2009

don't let summer end so soon!

It feels like the first few weekends of the middle of spring, and soon summer, have just flown by. I have plans marked on my calendar for about half of the remaining weekends until september. I'm pretty sure i'm going to wake up one day, and it will be getting colder. Must hold on to the summer!! I know it hasn't/barely started, but i feel like its rushing away before my eyes... i have booked some time off end of july/early august which will be nice, but i think its going to be a constant challenge/goal to appreciate every moment of what is shaping up to be a beautiful summer of 09.

What has been keeping me busy?

  • electrical work - i turned a "ya, we can put an overhead light in the bedroom" into a complete re-wiring of the second story of my house... i found knob n tube, its gotta go, attic induced back pain ensues and will likely become a summer theme

  • work work - work has been VERY tumultuous lately, and likely not going to slow down for 18 months. I predict overtime, stress, highs n lows, precipitation is expected

  • running - i've been running like a mofo lately, i'm running in the half marathon next weekend and have been training for about 11 weeks, avg'ing about 4 runs a week, about 40km a week total. I'm f'in tired!!!

  • fambly times - i was outside of edmonton recently visiting fambly. Hit up some rural areas, hit the mall, hung out, it was really great, got to meet some family i've never met. I'd never want to live in edmonton, but its an interesting place to visit.

  • tweeting - because of lack of time i rarely hit up google reader anymore, and get most of my info from twitter. I follow @techcrunch, @ottawacitizen, @pitchforkmedia and misc ottawa folks. I post more musings there under @mobob than here thats for sure, its just way quicker and more convenient from my iphone that carving what feels like a stone tablet (ie this blog)

  • thinking about my prize - i won a prize over at the esi blog and i'm not sure which option i will go for. I don't want to be the cause of delightful banter and potentially unwanted attention so i don't think i'll pick the metablogging option, a recipe would make sense but doesn't seem exciting enough, so it'll likely be the topical one... just need an idea that would make sense and will get past their ethics committee and puddle of red tape - in fact, i think the esi's ethics committee of today would've poopooed the very raison d'etre of the esi's early days (ie metablogging the 5th muse)... or perhaps i'm being overly harsh

Go outside and breath its beautiful out there damn it!! Hang your clothes outside!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

nasty loo - half assed hvac

I love this restaurant, so it's hard for me to show this. But they've
always (3+ years) had a hole in the mens bath ceiling, and there's
always been a towel stuffed in the vent. The rest of the room is
nice, but the ceiling needs a makeover.

One new ceiling tile would turn this nasty shitter into a 4 star pisser!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

first bbq of 2009 - a photo essay


first bbq - pre


first bbq - during


first bbq - let's eat!!


first bbq - epilogue

Now that the test is done, i'm ready for the 2 racks of ribs that have been marinating all day, yes!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

the rule of the half baguette

If it's only demi, it is acceptable to eat the whole thing for

Especially when it's a rye walnut baguettite from true loaf. So silky
and good, this awful pic does it no justice!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

nasty loo - plastic baseboards

At least put some more glue on em!!!

This picture doesn't really do justice to how nasty this loo is. And
the bar it's in is pretty similar... It is beloved by those that
frequent tho, and that's precious.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No highs below zero

Now THIS is a forecast I support!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ooops, i'm lazy late and now i'm sad

I missed out on the Leonard Cohen tickets going up yesterday... and now its too late. The cheapest they're available in the "marketplace" is 200$ per ticket, and those are quickly going to disappear. I'll keep my eyes peeled over the next couple of months, but i'm skeptical.

If only i was more on the ball, but my lazy preoccupied ass was not this time, nowhere near the ball... if any of you out there happen to have tickets, and go see him, and love it, try not to rub it in too much, i'm afraid i'll cry.

Friday, February 27, 2009

If you're feeling down...

Poached eggs on toast is the cure!!! If you're feeling great, it'll only
make you feel better. Guaranteed. Well... Unless the yolks are too
or not runny enough, but that's just being picky.

Friday, February 20, 2009

online file backup service roundup

I'm in the market for an online backup service for my files. I had a hard drive die at work recently, and would be devastated if that happenned at home. I'm too lazy to burn DVD's every so often, not to mention i'd have to store them somewhere else anyways in order to have true protection (if my house burns down, i'd loose anything anyways).

Hence, online backup is the solution!! Heres a quick rundown of some options, and my initial thoughts.

My needs:

  • Photos

  • Music

  • Misc Data

  • Access from multiple computers, windows and mac, and ideally phone

  • Would like access from the web, and to send files/directories to friends

Sugar Sync

  • Mutli computers, no extra cost

  • They have mobile access

  • Can share files with friends via static and hidden links (ie your files are browsable)

  • They have a free trial, and decent pricing (premium 60gb for 100$/year)

  • Lots of good info on their site, including lots of details about how their s/w operates

  • Windows and Mac versions


  • Unlimited backup is one computer only - hence the 4.95 is deceiving

  • Mention of gzip/rsync,etc. on their site makes me think for a savvy user they'd be good, but...

  • Its hard to find details of what you can actually do with their software!

  • Block level incremental backup sounds great... but really, most of my files will never change


  • Excellent pricing 150gb for 4.95 a month

  • Good looking interface - focus on restore seems weird, and one of the main options from the web gui is "Enter your Credit Card"...?

  • Stores 30 past versions of your files! This is a great feature, even if you muck with stuff, or delete it, you can still retrieve.


  • Immediately turned off from their website - using fear to sell, not cool.

  • They say they backup your files twice... HA!! If they're using a reasonable encryption algorithm, this is pointless, and hence either they don't know what they're doing, or they're doing something non-standard. Either way i don't need to investigate these guys any further.


  • Cute little intro, windows and mac is obvious from site

  • Backs up everything, ala mac's time machine. I think i need more control than this...

  • However, its only 50$/year - mabye this is the way to go?

  • Its a new product, hard to say i'd trust all my data with it.


  • No pics of their software, or mention of its web capabilities - no go.

HP Upline

  • Looks like it will meet my needs - 59$ year

  • I actually tried this a while back, but they had some downtime and the client crashed a couple times... not sure if i should go back

Any thoughts or experiences out there? I'm leaning towards trying sugarsync's demo on one computer, and perhaps backblaze on another one.

Update 1
-Some good comments on techcrunch about online backup services.
-iDrive requires a credit card to signup - makes it a no go
-JungleDisk is another option. Pay per use is interesting.

Update 2
- My goodness, sugarsync doesn't seem to support my external usb drive!!! YIKES!! I was very close to purchasing, but without this support this is useless to me! I guess its back to the drawing board, i'll have to re-evaluate to ensure what i choose had this (i assumed an external drive would be transparent, i guess not).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

nasty loo - patchy tile

I'm feeling a little conflicted as I'd eat in this restaurant if I had
to wrestle tigers for a chance at whizzin into a bear cave, but the
plight goes on.

Why use the same tiles, when different tiles create an atmosphere of

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

chips n salsa

One of my favorite snacks in the world is tortilla chips and salsa. I've tried making my own salsa before, and it can be quite good, but the amount of effort it takes is normally not worth the 4$ or so you can pay to get a nice jar of decent salsa. When i sit down to do some work on the computer, nothing gets me happier than being accompanied by big bowls of tortilla chips and salsa!!!

However, one thing i've often struggled with is the relative quantities. If you have a large fresh bag of chips, and an unopened jar of delicious salsa, how much salsa do you take relative to the amount of chips you have? I'm pretty good at estimating, and likely make subconscious adjustments along the way, but inevitably i end up with a bunch of dry chips, or mounds of salsa left at the end.

And incredibly when the bowls go back to the kitchen, they are both always empty. How can this be!!! This is evidence of the perseverance of the human spirit, and how we can defeat all odds to get the job done.

empty bowls - salsa verde, yum!!!
Salsa verde, yum!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stella avec

Lemon potato mash with prosciutto, and spicy sesame bean and pepper
salad. Yay impromptu!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

nasty loo - exposed plumbing

This way if there's a leak, it's easily accesible. This is actually
just precautionary design.

This loo isn't ubernasty, but it's worth drawing attention to.

Friday, January 30, 2009

cd's i've lost over the years

  1. Pink Floyd - Ummagumma

  2. Pink Floyd - Meddle

  3. Wilco - Summer Teeth

  4. Mogwai - Rock Action

  5. Blind Melon - Soup

  6. Flaming Lips - 1984-1990

  7. Led Zepplin - Physical Graffiti (disk 1 only)

It was ummagumma that bugs me the most... i just realized i lost it!! Hopefully it'll turn up, i miss it.

amidst crums and fortunes

Dost dangers lie.
Our strike be over and not a day shy.
While it brought me passion,
And brought others pain,
I can't help but wonder,
When it will happen again.

Damn pigheadedness!!! To paraphrase that andre guy - "I would've preferred the city come around and accepted our deal. We brought a deal to the table. It was a fair deal." WTF!!! Does the guy even realize what he's saying and the ridiculous irony and bias he's buried in talking about FAIR!!! HA!!! I wish people in general would take a more honest and fair approach with the world, it would win me over at least... i guess thats not the point though, and that would be counterproductive for them. But then at least i'd have a better view of humanity!!!


In other news i now have my google calendar on my iphone. The gdp may be down 0.7% but my happinness is up WAY% and thats all selfished ole me cares about right now!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

pantry stocking

Some good links for stocking your pantry.

I know i'm supposed to throw out spices that are over a year old, but i never have! Dried basil is NOT worthless, but arguably does give very little (it can be had in a tube, which seems to work a bit... a good substitute would likely be refridgerated pesto).

I've never even TRIED cooking dried beans, i should!

Tomato paste in a tube, check.

1/4lb of Prosciutto at all times - now THATS some stocking i look forward too!!

Yay food!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

we're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

I've somewhat simmered from my rant yesterday. I definitely had some good comments both on and off the blog, and i appreciate those. I can't help but wonder how i would be feeling if i actually ever used oc transpo!!!

As is often the case, and likely for some very deep and profound reason, old 80's songs pop into my head from time to time, and i sing them, or hum them, or whatever until i go and dig up the youtube video. For this one i didn't remember most of the lyrics, so the title of this entry is certainly NOT from memory. I obviously think its a scream. Gooooooo BONNIE!!!!

After watching if you'd like to confirm or deny my first inclination that she is simply a teacher thats obsessed with her students?

Friday, January 9, 2009

union-ited en-raged

So NO is how our beloved drivers voted. They voted no to show "solidarity" and tell the city that its not about the money, its about the scheduling. So basically they said "this scheduling detail is big enough for us to NOT work and we think its worth holding the city hostage for". Negotiation? Bargaining? Its a frickin JOB, either take it, or don't!!!@%!

It seems an awful lot like a monopoly system to me, the type of system most courts and governments try hard to protect their citizens from. Does the union/octranspo have exclusive rights to drive buses in our area? Can't we open this up for negotiation to get some more efficient entity in place, one that won't hold our city hostage? I understand the logistics/training/infrastructure of such a deal probably make it impossible to continue such an avenue right now, but what if this goes on for a few more months? What if the city cannot realistically give the union what it wants and needs to find cheaper or more reasonable workers? I just can't see the fairness in "bargaining" for a contract for a job when a city is on hold while we wait... This whole union business seems SO dated, and its about time to scrap the overhead and counter productiveness they cause (or to cripple their ability to do so)... AHH!!!! Maybe if i was more educated in labour relations i'd have a better handle on this, but i'm not, so i'm voting to rant instead!!! I guess binding arbitration or something of the order needs to happen fast, but fuck this all seems so so expensive!!!

I do think the 64% vs 75% nonsense is silly. CBC pointed out that 75% of voters that turned up to vote voted NO, while the SUN reported 64% of total voters voted NO. The discrepancy is in the 300 or so voters that did not vote. The use of the 64% does not reflect well on our mayor and how what he interprets the strength of ottawas collective intellect to be, although i'd probably do the same thing.

I heard one 20+ year vet of octranspo speak on CBC radio this morning. I can't remember the exact word he used, but it was similar to "elated" to hear that his union voted NO. He was in amazingly high spirits. SO HAPPY to not be working and to be fucking a whole city over!! Are THESE the types of people we want to be driving us around!!! SO WRAPPED UP in their own shit that they can't see all the people being affected by this!! Ugg, i guess the same could be said to the city in that why don't they just offer them what they want to get back to work... the problem there is I pay the fucking taxes and want a more fiscally responsible bureaucatorship to stick it to our payed workers to ensure my money is being well spent! When i see them playing hardball, i tend to agree with it (naively assuming they're trying to save money).


I was cut off VERY rudely this morning and honked my horn. It was one of those cut offs where i was in one spot, and someone behind me basically jumped the line because they were more agro. They then sat in front of me for about 2 minutes blocking traffic. I was baffled, honked for about 5 seconds, but then stopped leaning. As soon as traffic cleared and they sped away i was left to fester on my lack of aggressiveness and wonder why i didn't lean on my horn for the 2 minutes i sat there. Now that i've had time to reflect i'm glad i didn't, because all the other folks surrounding didn't want to hear a horn for 2 minutes, and i'm glad i didn't damper their friday's too much. However, that one dude deserves a whole world of pain, and are likely simply in one if they are so selfish to think that they can ruin a whole group of peoples morning to give themselves an extra few minutes to bitch about the traffic. Likely a very sad oaf (thank goodness i'm not one of those!!! :).

Happy friday!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

hockey time in Canada

I had the pleasure of attending the gold medal world junior game
tonight. I'm not a huge hockey fan by any means, but it was a blast.
If there's one thing Canada know, it's hockey. Transit strikes, and