Saturday, November 8, 2008


I've recently discovered that all the wiring in my new house is pretty crappy.

In the front part of the house some of the outlets appear grounded, but a lot of the wire in use is really old - one large casing surrounding a single high gauge copper wire. It looks like its all NMD style from the box in the basement, but when you get to the endpoints, its not like that. They've skipped some switch boxes too meaning theres no neutral in them, meaning no fancy dimmers/timer/etc.. That kinda sucks.

In the back of the house, all the wire is groundless completely, from the box even.

There are 2 panels, but i think its only 60amps to the house. The breakers flip in the kitchen regularly.

I may eventually rip it out bit by bit and replace it all with good new wiring. I was thinking, if i had to run brand new wiring to the upstairs, back, etc., should i bother running additional cable at the same time? Being a tech guy a few years ago, i would've said resoundingly YES. However now with the advent of wi-fi, i'm not sure its worth the hassle or expense. Wi-fi rocks, i don't think i need data cable throughout the house anymore... in a few years? Mabye... mabye i'll need some 10Gbit rated cable but if wi-fi keeps pace, and or wi-max takes off, i'll never need data cable throughout my house.

Whos with me!!! Down with data cable!!! Up with late 20th century electrical standards!!!


  1. The big problem with WiFi is interference, and it is only going to get worse.

    If I were tearing holes in walls for electrical lines, I would be putting some Cat5 beside them.

  2. Interesting - is the interference getting worse because of the prevalence of wifi or from other sources? Assuming the former, how many routers need to be in my direct vicinity before the interference causes performance issues?

    In any event, you've likely made me paranoid (and forward thinking) enough to do as you say, thanks!