Tuesday, November 4, 2008

street art

I get really annoyed at badly placed defacement of public or private property. In a totally contradictory statement, i think some graffiti "art" is very cool - checkout some of the pieces listed here, its all really good. But i still can't stand the constant tagging of say underneath the percy street queensway bridge. Whats the point?? Its ugly (to me) and a total waste of many peoples time.

Anybody watching the US election results? I guess its not exciting enough for this canadian, hence i'm surfing the internet.

One other thing i've been thinking about lately is why so many washrooms in restaurants and bars are in such a state of disrepair. I guess if i used my washroom hundreds of times a day it would look a little more run down, but why not put proper mouldings up, or caulk with at least some care? I think i may make it a project to take some dingy pictures of some of the more nasty potties in ottawa... could be fun!!! Any suggestions are appreciated.


  1. what bothers me about it.. is when they stick foam letters on my street sign and write on my friends car in chalk.

  2. Hi J., thanks for your thoughts.

    Foam letters on your street sign? Hmm... that sounds better than random spraypaint tags, but i'm curious what the letter might have covered up.

    Chalk and cars is NOT cool. Thats arson as far as i'm concerned.

    Its a subject i'm quite conflicted about indeed. I think ideally the city would have a "these places are fair game" policy, and have a LOT of "these places" and everywhere else is off limits.

  3. I love street arts and I quite enjoy taking pictures of it. But there is a huge gap between "art" and tags... and the latest bothers me.

    I keep on wondering about the "9/11 was an inside job" tag I see downtown everyday. I mean, I get the message, but there are so many of these, especially on Bank!