Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hall tree bench

New bench for the entrance way. This took us a long time to track down one for a semi-reasonable price, but we had to have one. When we toured the house the previous owners had one in this spot, and we new we needed one too... well need is a strong word, but it sure gives the place an air of sophistication, old worldiness, and charm. I love it!!

One weird thing is that the mirror has what look like stains in it. The stains are like dark streaks that appear to be underneath or behind the mirror. Anyone ever seen that? Nothing seems to get rid of them...


  1. Cute! And very charming!

    The mirror issue is probably age - I wonder if any of the local antique dealers would know where you could get that mirror restored? It may not be "fixable" to a shiny new mirror state, but I bet you would be able to get a replica that was shiny and new somehow (though who knows how much that would cost).

  2. The silvering (could be real silver, a mercury deposit process, or something else, depending on how old the piece is) has oxidized with age. I don't know if it's fixable. Robyn may be correct that the best option, if you don't like the, umm, natural antiquing, is to buy a new replacement cut to size.