Wednesday, November 19, 2008

gym quitter

I quit the gym yesterday. Marched right in to my local good life, informed them of my cancellation, waited patiently for a bit, was apologized to for waiting patiently, told them it was too much money to spend on not going to the gym, signed a paper, and was outta there.

I'm not sure how i feel about this.

Its not that i don't like working out, its that i don't like not working out. I also don't like spending 60$+/month on not working out. I'd prefer to spend 30$/month on working out sometime. Yes i'm cheap, but i just reached the limit of spending for a service i wasn't using.

A recent posting on elgin street makes me want to check out the Y. Or perhaps that gym on bank street, i've heard its affordable.

Anyone know of any other inexpensive gym solutions out there?


  1. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure the Y is great. But I was always creeped out by weird dudes who spent too much time on the treadmill next to me when I was a member there. And these were not "hey, awesome!" dudes.

    I'm a near-daily visitor to Elgin Fitness these days - it's nice and tiny, and just close enough to home that it's convenient, but far enough away that I've got to work to get there.

    It's not super cheap, but at ~$40 a month, it's not unaffordable, either.

  2. I really enjoy Goolife, I thought that the classes are really motivating.
    My mom loves the Y, she likes it because of the pool and all the natural light that inside the gym.
    Another place to look for a gym is community centers. I've heard that Plant has a good one and it's a fairly reasonable price too.

  3. I find Goodlife is all about marketing and sales pressure... I like the Y and my local yoga class. Much cheaper too.