Monday, October 13, 2008

new look n feel

I spruced up ye old uberor this morning... its not the prettiest, but it is a little modern. If you read this by rss, maybe you'd like to followthru and tell me what you think. Bonus points to anyone that recognizes the new crown molding i installed.


  1. There aren't many of us with 800px wide screens anymore, but as one of them, I have to scroll sideways to see your sidebar.

    The header image is good and mysterious.

    If your blogging platform makes it easy, you might put the "Categories" and "Archives" into a format that takes up fewer initial column inches like one that allows the reader to collapse or expand the list.

    Your header and tagline formatting could use a left margin (or maybe a padding) of 10px or so.

    The tagline font could be bigger.

    Otherwise, it's nicely readable without visual clutter.

  2. Should be all better now, thanks!!