Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So very incognito... so little time to blog. This past month of august was the biggest and best month of my life. Many things happenned, but i'll summarize briefly:
- i'm engaged
- we bought a house, a single house for just us (and the kitlets)
- i'm busy unpacking
- and working many hours at my job that pays for all of the above

YAY LIFE!!! We just got cable back yesterday so this is the first time i've really hung out near a connected computer since we moved. Being wired again is GREAT i can look up stuff like epinions fridge reviews. Does anyone write a review for a fridge they actually LIKE? Very few...

I won't excuse my busy-ness. If you're reading this, you're likely on rss, so this isn't out of your way. All i do is complain about busy-ness... well, i'm not complaining anymore, i'm thankful! Yay full plates!!

Hope all is well with folks that are reading this.