Monday, August 4, 2008

treasure in my ceiling??

Yesterday i was replacing a loose ceiling fan mount in my ceiling, which is the floorboards for the 2nd level of my house.

In order to see what was going on, and for general curiosity, i snapped a few shots of this forbidden area. A few "studs" over, i spotted what looked like a miscellaneous chunk of wood sitting on top of the lath. I snapped a few other up close shots and inspected them with my camera. I sweatily decided it was simply a chunk of wood, and continued with my work and finished up the job.

Now that i'm looking at the pictures, i'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure its actually a wooden box, and i'm pretty sure there are mythical treasures inside. Some things that are likely inside include:
- diamonds
- old rare DC comic books
- ancient coins
- a map to atlantis

There are couple more related fotos on flickr.


  1. Very cool. Did you open it up yet?

  2. Hi J! Actually no... i guess i forgot to mention in my post that i left the treasure in the limbo zone, awaiting future adventurers. I don't think i'm worthy, but definitely i ever tear this place down, thats where i'm starting!!