Monday, August 4, 2008

treasure in my ceiling??

Yesterday i was replacing a loose ceiling fan mount in my ceiling, which is the floorboards for the 2nd level of my house.

In order to see what was going on, and for general curiosity, i snapped a few shots of this forbidden area. A few "studs" over, i spotted what looked like a miscellaneous chunk of wood sitting on top of the lath. I snapped a few other up close shots and inspected them with my camera. I sweatily decided it was simply a chunk of wood, and continued with my work and finished up the job.

Now that i'm looking at the pictures, i'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure its actually a wooden box, and i'm pretty sure there are mythical treasures inside. Some things that are likely inside include:
- diamonds
- old rare DC comic books
- ancient coins
- a map to atlantis

There are couple more related fotos on flickr.

Friday, August 1, 2008

not if you was the last immigrant grocer on earth... honey!!

I've had this video embedded in my brain since i was a wee tike, watching the first "music videos" ever to hit the mainstream. Only bits and pieces of the beginning of it can i remember... so i googled for a bit, and found it.

The only problem is, YouTube stalls on it for me!!! It gets about 2 seconds in, then it stalls! You can drag around throughout to catch a bit of the video, it is there, but it keeps stalling!!!

Let me know if the video works for you. Hopefully the massive traffic my site will generate towards the video will make those folks at google wake up.


I guess that massive outpouring of hits to YouTube from my site caused those guys at google to wake up.

Gimme a bottle of anything. And a glazed donut. To GOOOO

Ok mabye its not as good as i remember it being... oh well.