Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm off work for a week!!

I booked this time off a few months ago knowing this would be a good time to not work.  Boy was i right!!!  I don't have anything creative to say so i'm going to reproduce the list i created in my (home) workbook:
  • Fix iron post footings under awning
  • Clean garage
  • Do something with my canoe (anyone want a 16/17ft plasticish canoe)
  • Figure out how to finish my mud room
  • Clean the exterior of my house
  • By pressure washer
  • Paint outside awning
  • Paint outside doors
  • Fix light in mudroom
  • Add spice racks to kitchen
  • Fix front window sill
One additional thing - i was at the airport recently with time to kill, and picked up a magazine called Fine Homebuilding.  Considering what i'm occupied with lately, this is pretty much the best magazine EVER.  They've got tons of online features too:

Skinny house (great for centertown)

Drywall tips

Testing electrical testers!!!

Yay tools!!!

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