Friday, June 6, 2008

itinerary of an unplanned weekend

I've decided to refuse any and all plan invitations this weekend.  Nothing will be planned.  This means i have nothing to do, and nothing is expected of me.  There are some things i *may* do, but only if whimsicality guides me in that direction.  Hence things i'm going to do this weekend:
  1. Refuse offers of things to do
  2. Ensure i don't plan on doing anything
  3. Annoy people with my frivolity
So i'm not planning on going to go to art in the park, or finish my kitchen, or play wii, or laze around.  Its going to be super!!!


  1. Bob, you are an inspiration!

  2. What did you do this weekend Bob?

  3. Thanks Aggie!!

    Zoom, thanks for asking - the question shouldn't be what DID i do this weekend, but what DIDN'T I do this weekEND!!! I did everything i wanted to do!!! All the things i listed, plus the casino, impromptu brunch, impromptu daquari's/guac/gazpacho, snoozing, sleeping in, staying out late, this weekend was a buffet of hedonistic desires, best weekend in a long time!!!

  4. I love that feeling. Doing things that I want to do. My ideal weekend would be waking up with a coffee, musli, newspaper and then heading over to an antique shop or thrift store to find something cool.