Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm off work for a week!!

I booked this time off a few months ago knowing this would be a good time to not work.  Boy was i right!!!  I don't have anything creative to say so i'm going to reproduce the list i created in my (home) workbook:
  • Fix iron post footings under awning
  • Clean garage
  • Do something with my canoe (anyone want a 16/17ft plasticish canoe)
  • Figure out how to finish my mud room
  • Clean the exterior of my house
  • By pressure washer
  • Paint outside awning
  • Paint outside doors
  • Fix light in mudroom
  • Add spice racks to kitchen
  • Fix front window sill
One additional thing - i was at the airport recently with time to kill, and picked up a magazine called Fine Homebuilding.  Considering what i'm occupied with lately, this is pretty much the best magazine EVER.  They've got tons of online features too:

Skinny house (great for centertown)

Drywall tips

Testing electrical testers!!!

Yay tools!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

itinerary of an unplanned weekend

I've decided to refuse any and all plan invitations this weekend.  Nothing will be planned.  This means i have nothing to do, and nothing is expected of me.  There are some things i *may* do, but only if whimsicality guides me in that direction.  Hence things i'm going to do this weekend:
  1. Refuse offers of things to do
  2. Ensure i don't plan on doing anything
  3. Annoy people with my frivolity
So i'm not planning on going to go to art in the park, or finish my kitchen, or play wii, or laze around.  Its going to be super!!!