Friday, May 9, 2008

too early

I have a big problem with assumptions, and a real hate for being late.  Those two flaws collided when i was 1 week, 30 minutes early for my eye appointment this morning.  Its in my schedule for next week, yet i woke up assuming it was this morning.  I need start double checking things and assuming i know whats going on...  not only was i one week too early, but i would've been 30 minutes early had it been this week!!!

I also ordered some new shoes, i didn't even think when i put the size in...  the size was wrong.  If i had used my brain, i woulda realized i shoulda checked my shoe size.

Whats up with all this?  Am i in too much of a rush these days?  Too presumptuous??  Have scatterbrain syndrome?  Yesum.


  1. Drug and alcohol abuse catching up with you

  2. Ha! The lack of punctuation is giving me pause, i can't tell if you're being serious or not, but i have to assume you are.

    I am currently attributing my scheduling issues to simply having more things to schedule than i've ever had in my life. While what you say is possible and may have something to do with my current "issues", i doubt it very much considering my lack of abuse over the past few years. And if so, I don't think that particular cause is anything i can really act on now, and i prefer to concentrate on things i can improve and do something about in the here and now, instead of harboring regrets.

    Thanks for the intervention though.

  3. Sorry, it was a bit of a joke based on assumptions based on other assumptions

  4. I think we've all had days like that. Forgetting our shoe size and stuff. But I'll keep that in mind next time I order something on line that requires thought. ;)