Friday, May 30, 2008

plumbing rules!!!

The uppers are up, the base is in, the double sink expansive and nice, things are coming together. Mostly just finishing touches this weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ottawa real estate - now with locations?

Just stumbling over to the ottawa real estate site this morning, it seems a major change has occurred.  They are now listing the LOCATION of every house being listed!!!  Not sure what's up here, but it was the major reason i had an agent before...  they'd help me actually locate the listings i was interested in.

I don't think ottawa agents will like this very much.  I actually don't think sellers will like this very much as it's far easier to spot fake gems, like this place - great looking house, shite location.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

running on pasta

I ran the 10k yesterday and it was a good time.  I had been training for 8 weeks or so, roughly running 5 days a week, it was a long haul.  Over now though!!!  Yay!!!  I finished well ahead of where i expected, i attribute 25% of that to good weather, 25% of it to a better starting position, and 50% of that to healthy lungs.  Finally, empirical evidence that i'm healthier now that i don't smoke!!!!

Mostly so i remember next year, i'm going to boringly note what i ate.  Friday morning i was at rocking johnny's for breakfast taking my car in, followed by a medium 2nd cup cappuccino.  When i got home i started pigging out on pita and hummus and tabouleh, and pretty much ate that all day long, with the inclusion of one kaiser roll sandwhich of left over genoa, provalone, and hot n sweet mustard.  Around 6 o'clock, i cooked for the first time in over a month a very dilectable de cecco fettucine dish that had:
- 2 bbq sliced sazloves lamb sausages
- 2 bbq sliced sazloves chorizo sausages
- 4 chopped roma tomatos
- 1 head of long raddiccio, chopped
- one large shallot diced
- 1/2 bunch of fresh oregano leaves
- lots of salt and pepper
- garlic infused oil (about 30 minutes)

All raw but the sausages added to the pasta at the end, very darn tasty.  Ate a bunch of that friday night for dinner, then when i was alone, i picked away at it some more around 10pm.  Then i had some mango sorbet.  Saturday morning around 9am i had breakfast i prepared the night before - mango coconut granola, frozen berry fruit, and a few corn flakes.  Then coffee...  couldn't avoid the coffee on race day!!  At 1pm i had leftovers of the pasta, not too much but a decent human sized portion.  At 3:30pm i went to the store, bought 2 gatorade's, and proceeded to finish just one of them before about 5:45.  I also drank water throughout the day.

This all seemed to work pretty well, but i still think there was too much food sloshing around in my tummy.  Should've eaten a smaller lunch...  also, i had to pee.  I peed twice in the hour before the race, but it still wasn't enough.  I have to be good and STOP drinking fluids by about 5pm i think.  Then i've got a hope of purging my body.

The pot i used to clean the pasta is still dirty.  Its a little too big to wash in the bathroom...  i'm hoping plumbing will be restored today.  Guess i should get to work - first things first...  make some coffee!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

too early

I have a big problem with assumptions, and a real hate for being late.  Those two flaws collided when i was 1 week, 30 minutes early for my eye appointment this morning.  Its in my schedule for next week, yet i woke up assuming it was this morning.  I need start double checking things and assuming i know whats going on...  not only was i one week too early, but i would've been 30 minutes early had it been this week!!!

I also ordered some new shoes, i didn't even think when i put the size in...  the size was wrong.  If i had used my brain, i woulda realized i shoulda checked my shoe size.

Whats up with all this?  Am i in too much of a rush these days?  Too presumptuous??  Have scatterbrain syndrome?  Yesum.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

nicotine nihilism and transcending tobacco

So every day i change, and every day gets a little different, sometimes harder, most of the times easier. I'm coming to terms with things better now, not so angsty, more understanding. Running long distances helps put things in perspective, and i've been doing a lot of that lately.

I can scoff instead of resent the brooding 17 year old fashionista i pass at 7am in the percy underpass, with her frail grip on her morning smoke. I can accept that most smokers live in complete denial that their butts are garbage and pollution, and they'll always be on the sidewalk to be avoided or flattened once again by my heavy feet. I can smile at the 20-something hip government dude on his way to the archives, halling back on heaven - his initial reason to get out of bed in the morning. Or the older more somber folks outside early in the morning at that weird group home with the awful green awning and park bench on glebe ave.. And all my friends and family and everyone else i know that smokes, i can accept it. I will probably still get annoyed if they interrupt a perfectly good conversation, activity, or pastime, to "take a break" and satisfy their addiction, but i'll learn to deal with it.

Its really amazing though how long it took my body to recover from it, but now that i'm through the worst, how much more efficient my body is... its really great, i wished i had done it sooner, but am very thankful its at least done with. My lungs work way better, my digestive system is definitely more functional, and i'm stronger. And i get more done because i'm taking less breaks... an arguable benefit.

When something has been a part of me for almost half my life, its hard to let go, and i'll be doing it forever (or at least as long as i did it for). And now, i'm happy about that too.

I do have to say though, without the smoke breaks to take from hardcore renovations, beers sure are going down smoother.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

kitchen update

subfloor complete!

So the subfloor is done, i finished it mostly last weekend. Now to the walls.

don't hide this at home

Found this electrical nasty in the wall... not cool. I was hoping to resuse wire, but when i found this i realized the whole chunk had to come out. Luckily theres ton's of junction boxes waiting to be poked in to in the basement so i don't need to run it back to the main breaker, but its still annoying.

Ate this x2 one night this week, it was large - leftover bbq chicken thigh, mango, sweet n hot mustard, bun, it was delectable:

renovation meal

Thats all for now, back to work!!!