Tuesday, April 15, 2008

john's sweeping smog

Isn't there some bylaw in ottawa that prohibits engine idling for vehicles when the temperatures are not extreme?

I was on my way home from a run this morning, and midway through the glebe i could smell diesel fuel.  Once i finally got to the percy underpass i found the source - right outside the city's vehicle lot (or whatever there way) there was a "John's Sweeping" truck sitting in the middle of the road, idling.  No one in it, it was just sitting there running.

I probably should give the benefit of the doubt, by my hippocratic hypochondriac lungs despise anything other than tasteless or fresh smelling air, and i was pissed.

If there are such bylaws, they should be doubled for gas guslers such as these.  If these types of trucks/services "require" their engines to warm up/idle before service, the city should give incentives to companies that do not use these types of trucks.

Lazy idlers...


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  1. There IS such a bylaw.... and it's less than a year old I think.