Wednesday, March 26, 2008

misc springtime a.d.d. babble

I've been recently informed by the dear Aggie, that she would like it if i blogged more. I really should. Here's a start.

I'd blog more if i had an iPhone and an unlimited data plan. Those things are likely quite sweet (never actually played with one, only iTouch, and it is sweet), but apple annoys me. iTunes annoys me. The macbook air is a pretty sweet looking and feeling computer though. I definitely see an additional mac product in my arsenal within the next 2 years (i currently have a first gen iPod mini, that is all).

Similarily i would also blog more if i could do so via SMS or text messages... or perhaps i wouldn't. I've been using twitter here and there, mostly just to get techcrunch's tweets on my cell. They'll send you the tweets of any individual via SMS, and thats pretty sweet. I should really look into more useful tweets, ie for the weather in ottawa or something.

I got a letter from rogers today about their new charges for excessive downloads, my plan will run an extra 2$/GB for all GB's over 60 up to a max of 25$. Apparently my nov and dec were under, but i used ~180GB in januaray, ouch. As of only yesterday i was talking to them to reduce my monthly bill, got 10$ off by giving up tbs (or peachtree, whats up with that). Now i'll likely have another 25$ on it every other month. Ahhh cable monopolys. Is it time to go DSL? Likely yes...

I have work to do tonite, so i was planning on hitting up some dirienzo's sandwiches as they're cheap and easy. But my lunch today consisted of a loeb greek salad and one of their ciabatta demi-bagettes. Its a lot of tasty bread really (and good value too, 1.39 per), i didn't feel like any more. So what did i do? I stopped by sazloves and got some of their chicken souvlaki skewers. I wanted to make a recent recipe i learned from the Urban Element's indian class (an amazing experience i shoud've blogged about), a very high taste to complexity ratio'd basmati rice recipe, but had no basmati rice. I did have reserve minute rice. Which worked great surprisingly enough. I was missing a bunch of other stuff, but in the end the rice was perfect. I bbq'ed outside with no jacket, broke some hard ice away, drank some sleeman, and had a merry old time. When it came to eating, i positioned the rice chicken and taziki (i forgot about the taziki, they recommended it on their label, i fell for it, no regrets), put the leftover chicken in the microwave (not to cook, but so the cats wouldn't hair all over it), and i sat in front of my computer, read local ottawa blogs, eat scrumptiously, and feel very rich for the experience.

I also should say that the spring/summer will be an exciting time, hopefully some reno's, lots of work (its been busy lately), getting my summer tires on (yay!!!), etc..

I have nothing concise to say.

Oh, i do want to get jamie olivers' newish book, i had a peek at it and it talks about skills/notes for growing misc veggies and stuff. The part about the british hunt kinda turned me off, but i think i can look past it into the sometimes vain mr. olivers dreamy pictures of cooking food over an open garden barby. 40$, but i think i'll actually learn something from it.

Here's a misc picture i'm really happy with, but whose tone and attitude totally does NOT jive with that of this posting:
river bench

One final thing. I've been going to the gym, and listening to some podcasts, cbc's search engine for one. I may or may not of heard this there, but when i read a blog posting and want to refer to it i say "you should check out so and so's latest blog posting". I don't say "you should check out so and so's latest blog". Am i wrong? I would assume that someone's "latest blog" means they started a new blog with a separate URL and so forth, and it has new/different content than their other blogs. If anyone agrees with me please honk.


  1. I agree. Consider yourself honked.

  2. I've heard about those cooking classes... Worth taking?

  3. Hells ya andrea - the class we went to was awesome. Highly recommended. Learned a lot, had a lot of fun, ate a lot, met some very nice folks. A foodies dream really. I'll be back for sure.