Thursday, January 3, 2008

i love food

I think food is likely my favorite thing in this world (when i say thing, i'm excluding people and interactions between them). It is just so good.

I planned on doing the lemon cleanse again this year. I started today. I will likely stop today too. I love food too much now. I also don't have much motivation for doing it, short of saying i wanted to, and i wanted to give my stomach a break. But i'm all confused now... just like the nicotine angels call down to me for company, so do the food sirens request i swallow them post chew. Oh my god i love food so much.

I would love to have some more camcong soup right now. It was my last meal last night. I'd also settle for peanuts in the shell.

I'll get through today, i'd feel like a mofo if i couldn't. But tomorrow is another school day...


  1. Oh no... not the lemon cleanse!

  2. Indeed. Don't worry, it didn't last long, i was very much lacking the motivation/reason to keep it going, and started eating yesterday morn.

    By the way, thank you Aggie for your recent post, it is still ridiculously flattering, i don't know what to say. It really helps me in (rarely) blogging my blather out there if i know someone as charming as yourself cares enough to read it, and thinks it isn't a complete waste of time!!!