Sunday, January 27, 2008

#705 at camcong

I'm basically addicted to #705 at camcong right now. Its their spicy veggie soup. It is occasionally hit or miss, possibly depending on my mood, but lately its been bang on. Lots of veggies, right amount of noodles, quite spicy, not too greasy, no massive chunks of galangal, lots of good tofu, its really really good. However, i was quite disappointed last night when we showed up at 8:10, and they were closed. Still had customers, but closed. Their sign says they close at 9pm. But its private enterprise, they can do whatever the pump they want. And because they have one of the best most addictive products in ottawa to myself right now, i can't afford to boycott based on this one early close...

So we went down to new pho bo ga la and i got a much more traditional s9, pho with bbq pork and shrimp wonton's. Not nearly the same addictive soup, but good nonetheless.

I think spicy foods are addictive to me. A few years ago, i wasn't much of a fan. Now i actually crave them... another sign of my feverously addictive personality.

We're going to the dominican republic in a few days. Its going to be boring as hell, and perfect as hell. It'll give me time to come to terms with many things, including my various food addictions. And to read some books, get a tan, listen to tunes, brainstorm, tune out, swim, and hopefully not get food poisoning or anything worse.


  1. So... Where is this place? Sounds dee-lish.

  2. Ya, its awesome - its right next to the bubble tea place on somerset, near the kowloon grocery. Its 726 Somerset West, and sorry, its spelt Cam Kong :)