Monday, November 26, 2007

iTunes feels iAncient

Is it just me or is iTunes the absolute worst piece of casual software available on windows (i don't have a mac, so i can't speak to its effectiveness on its native platform)?

I started using my girlfriends iPod mini a year or so ago, and its pretty sweet. The interface is decent, its light, does what i expect, never skips, its cool. My first annoyance was when i wanted to put music on it. It was a new computer, so of course with its shite drm it has to trash everything thats on there. I've heard there's ways around this, if anyone has quick links for the future i would be much obliged.

Adding stuff and syncing is relatively painless i must admit. Drag the stuff in there, if its "checked" it means it'll show up on the iPod if you sync. But whats with the massive album art? Showing me 25 items on the screen is somewhat of a ridiculous use of space... this may be there "pretty" view and speak to my laziness for not investigating other options, but i have high standards for out of the box software!!!

All that i've mentioned i can handle. What i CANNOT handle is update software that is ridiculously in my face, and constantly FAILS!! Its now iTunes 7.5 that is trying to be installed, and it always fails for one reason or another. I don't have the time or patience to try to fix it, i only have the time or patience to bitch about it, cause thats what i feel like doing right now. I'd get a mac for that sweet icon scroller thingy at the bottom, but if iTunes is my main music software, i think i'll stick with my windoze.

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