Saturday, November 3, 2007

hayden at bsi

A few of us took the country drive this past thurs out to wakefield to see perhaps my first favorite singer songwriter, Hayden.

Apparently he's been busy and just finished his new album "yesterday". It was his first show in 3 years. He didn't practice. It showed. I love the guy, i think he's great, he's still a great storyteller, but i was a little peeved at how many times he fucked shit up, or had to start over. The first time its funny and shows a bit of personality and humanity, but the 10th time its annoying and shows a lack of respect. The tickets were not cheap (18 bux i think), and its a tour to get out there. He should've practiced.

I'm sure he lost a fan or two that night. He didn't loose me, but i'll certainly think twice about going to see him the next time he's around... i'll probably go anyway. And i will get his new album. At least i know he's human. Like me!!!

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