Thursday, November 8, 2007

1 year old cats!!!

Its true. Our adorable ex-kittens are now cats. Winston and Ruby turn 1 today, and i'm very excited. I don't specifically have anything planned except a few extra rub downs, and slight lenience of my military rule.

Heres Ruby this morning, she's always moving so without flash, this is as good as i could do:
1 year old ruby!!!

And here's the big dub, proud as always.
1 year old winston!!!

This is them at 8 weeks - yes, they were adorable then, and are just as adorable now as far as i'm conerned:

Happy birthday Winston and Ruby!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to the little darlings from Aunt Aggie, too!!

  2. They're adorable. Ruby still looks like a kitten, but Winston looks like a man now.