Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mother Mother is the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread

mother mother tee
Myself and several accompaniments had the incredible pleasure of seeing the newest best band ever Mother Mother at zaphods last night.

We've been listening to their album for the past 6 months or so since my buddy turned me on to them after hearing them on cbc radio 3. Hot damn, they are imo the most diverse and talented sound since arcade fire, for darn sure. Its sooo good, and now i realize there is ridiculous talent as well as amazing song writing. Its hard to tell sometimes, but last night proved all.

We gushed over them all night. They actually opened for 2 other far inferior bands. Dragonette, who features Martina Sorbera (apparently the daughter of our late finance minister) either greatly benefited from accompanying vocal tracks, or was flat out lip syncing. Catchy, but not a live performance. The other dudes, Most Serene Republic or something, had some cool sounds, but very little vocal talent/hooks to keep me interested. We left mid way through their performance. No idea why the gigs were ordered as such, Mother Mother stole the show shortly after 8pm when they started in on "Legs Away" and playing half their album and 2 other songs i've never heard. In that half hour there were no other sounds in the universe worth listening to.

As i was saying, we gushed hard. After their show they were mostly just swag selling and hanging out... i bought a t-shirt as we attempted to book them for future birthday parties; tour pending, it was something they seemed quite open to. Some autographs were signed.

They're from Vancouver, and likely won't be back till next spring. We all must go again!!! YES!!!

They rule!!!! Check out some tracks on their site. Note the following picture is the best pic i could get as i was mostly too busy listening in complete awe...

mother mother at zaphods

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