Tuesday, September 4, 2007

patch day 1

So i've decided to quit smoking. Like really quit. None of this smoke sometime, and not others. I've been debating for a while, and decided to give it a kick.

In order to "setup for success", i've got the patch. I'm not a heavy smoker, so i'm starting on nicoderm, stage 2. I was told by my doctorb to hit that for 2 weeks, then stage 3 for two more weeks after that.

I put my first patch on this morning. Within five minutes i was buzzin like crazy. All morning i was on a massive rush, this stuff is addictive man!!!! I took the patch off a few hours ago cause i didn't want the "vivid dreams" the box suggested were a possibility... it also suggested "insomnia", so probably not.

The day was fine... one day, not a problem. A week or two will be tricky. 1 year is what will be tough. I figure, one day at time.

Yay exercise!!! And being able to taste food again, that'll be sweet.


  1. Poor you! Quitting cold turkey is so hard. I tried that a few times but couldn't do it. I had to gradually cut back over the course of one year, before I could finally stop entirely. But that worked, and that's a long time ago. Best of luck...

  2. Thanks Harmony!!! I've cut back a lot over the past year or so... only recently did i realize i was still doing as much harm as before, and realize the benefits do NOT outweigh the "gains".

  3. I always quit cold turkey, and each time it gets easier. My problem is a few months down the road - maybe as long as 15 months down the road - I'll be out having a few drinks with a few friends and a cigarette will look good and next thing I know I'll be hooked again.

    I wish you all the luck in the world bob. I hope you beat the beast.