Thursday, August 23, 2007

sonotube dimensional annoyances

I've bought some sonotube's lately. Not branded "sonotube", likely cheap rip offs, i got 8" versions from both rona and home depot. The ones from rona are actually smaller than 8"'s, would probably make a 7.5" concrete form. The ones from home depot are a little bigger than 8", likely to make and exactly 8" concrete form. Am i the only one bringing a tape measure to these places to pick stuff out cause whatever dimensions are printed on whatever are not to be trusted??

While not the most exciting thing to happen to me lately, i thought it was worth mentioning. Its been a great summer, but now its time to build!!! I'm building a balcony in my backyard, i'm all permit ready, and now i have to dig 6 feet into the ground in 2 places. This isn't going to be pretty.


  1. Sonotubes are made to fit in one another, for shipping. One has an outside diameter of a little less than 8" and the other has an inside diameter a little more than 8". You probably got one of each.

    As for the digging, screwed piles (in frech "pieux vissés") would have been a good idea: 2 hours ans it's done at about 150$ each. Light machinerie doesn't damage the surroundings. Leveling screws and attachments for the deck included. But I guess it's already done.

  2. As an Inspector on many job sites I see many Contractors trying to cut corners with the diameters and length of piles. I check both the depth as Designed by the Structural Engineer, and the inside diameter of the pile.
    I always recommend that 4" of crushed washed rock be placed into the bottom of the Sonotube or pile, which may also be in the Engineers Design. The vibrating of the concrete in the pile after the Rebar Cage has been installed and checked, is also a very crucial aspect to ensuring the Pile is sound. Always place the pile to a depth below frost action.