Monday, July 9, 2007

do not safedrop

I've had some dealings with the post office lately, i'm hoping someone can shed some light on some possibilities i have not considered.

A few months ago i placed an order with for 8 or 9 music cd's. About a week and half after i received their shipment email, i still had not received them. I checked canadapost's tracking site, and it said the parcel was delivered to the recipient a week ago. I phoned canada post, and they said they can't do anything, i should call amazon. So i did, and they said "this happens", and said they'd resend the entire parcel. It surprised me how easily they agreed to do this, but whatever, i was happy.

This time I followed this tracking number a little closer, and when canadapost said this package had been delivered and it had not, i grew worried. I called amazon again, and again they were very nice. They said they rarely send a parcel 3 times, but made an exception for me cause i really wanted these cd's (they also would've just refunded my money at this point). The availability of one of the cd's was a little off, so they graciously offered to split the shipment up into 2 chunks.

Again, i followed the tracking info, the bulk of the items being the first thing shipped. I added myself as an email recipient for updates on changes to the status of the package tracking. When i got the email telling me this package was delivered i was home. I of course went straight outside, again to find no package waiting for me. My guess is this info isn't "up to the minute", and likely was reported delivered the previous day (when i was not home).

A few days later, the lone late cd did arrive in my mailbox. My mailbox is pretty standard, big enough to fit a small parcel, but any larger parcel would stick out the top. I've gotten books from amazon before, and they did stick out the top. This was the first time i've ever had any issues.

I called amazon again, they were apologetic, but we both agreed there was nothing left for them to do. They refunded my money, and someone out there might very well have 3 copies of neon bible, joel plaskett's new cd, and a variety of other kickass albums. I ordered all the missing cds again, this time shipping them to my work, and they arrived safely there within 5 or so days.

So what happened? Is it possible that "bad people" stole these parcels off my doorstep 3 times, when previous amazon packages that were sticking out of my mailbox arrived in my safe hands? This is the only possibility i can possibly accept. Did someone in the middle (ie an employee) scam them? Unlikely considering the parcel did arrive to my work. Is it possible amazon never actually sent them? Very unlikely considering canada post did note tracking info. Can anyone think of any other possibilities?

I was told by someone (can't remember who) that you can request canada post not deliver parcels to your door without a signature. I called canada post and asked about this. They said i can not do this, but i can ask that parcels not be left at my house. They referred to this practice as "safedrop" (not sure whats safe about it though!). You are allowed to request that letter carriers "do not safedrop". The lady asked me to put a note on my mailbox that says "do not safedrop" and that she would put a request in to the depot marking my address with this same bit of info. So i did these 2 things. I got a call today from the local centertown postal outlet. The lady there informs me that letter carriers never leave parcels that do not completely fit in the mailbox. I said... ok. I didn't know what else to say, as well, i had no additional ideas. I was tired, frustrated, and bewildered.

With the package that i did successfully get delivered to my office i debated filling it with cat poo, arming my house with cameras, eagerly hoping to catch a culprit... but i lost interest. The cat poo woulda been fun, but some possible outcomes could've been disastrous for my property, so i opted against it.

I really hope it isn't skids walking by scoping out folks' mailbox's in hopes of treasures... i really really hope this isn't the case... but the whole situation has added to my cynicism, which was sparse before but increasingly grows as i do. Which kinda blows.

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