Friday, June 22, 2007


I may have mentioned this before, but i don't often have regrets. Serious ones that is... i may regret calling a bet, or not paying more attention to some zinfandel's flavour, but i rarely am sickened by a choice made badly.

Recently though, i was. I decided to get a full refund on my roger water tickets as i knew he would be playing the same night as the sens, game 5. That was a big mistake as one of my coworkers told me i basically missed one of the 10 best shows he's ever seen, and he's seen a lot. One of my childhood dreams was to see this guy, and i set aside the one best chance i'll have to do so. Damn.

Another regret i have, but not nearly as serious, is not writing in here enough... i've said that before though haven't i!!! Well, i'm not going to vow to do anything about this one, but i tell you, if mr. waters comes back to the shite old corel centre again (or place d'scotia whatever), i'm there.

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