Sunday, February 4, 2007

hot peppers service for 12 not so hot

Last night myself and a whole bunch of friends went to hot peppers for a birthday celebration. We sat upstairs in the very delightful decor. I'm writing this post, because, well, i'm disgruntled at the service we recieved. It wasn't necessarily bad, and my expectations are probably too high, but o well, i'm gonna mention it anyways cause its kinda funny.

Ordering drinks alone was a bit of an ordeal. Most of the beer selections we asked for weren't available. Some people weren't even told, their beers just didn't show up. Someone ordered coconut water, and it took 10 minutes (or more) for the girl to to tell us, upon a remind, that they didn't have any. I had hogardden, and it arrived pretty promptly. Some people ordered caesars thinking they had sake in them. But no, those are the special "hot peppers" caesars, and when finally ordered were pretty kickass. The regular ones were really good too.

I ordered the tom yum, and as i remembered, it was awesome. Everyone ordered something different, some shared, some not. The food was, really good. Not the best ever, but i've never had the best ever thai (as i think i've previously mentioned). Thai is normally pretty large, but never "blow you away". Lots of flavour, lots of kick, lots of love, but i guess as a personal feeling is missing that savourness that i've found in other dishes that just make me die and go to heaven (fettucine carbonara comes to mind... mabye i'm just missing dairy ::))).

Anyways, it took a while to get our food, in general. Me and my gf ordered 2 dishes, and some rice. To start, we got one dish. 10 minutes later everyone else had (almost) everything, and we still had our only dish that we had been picking at, sans rice. We had to remind about the rice when our other dish arrived, and it showed up shortly thereafter. Anyways, the food was really good, as i said.

One of my friends ordered 2 dishes, and was going to share 1 of them with another. Only one of them ever showed up. When everyone was almost done he reminded her, she was apologetic, and offered to get it then. He declined, and then she offered to have it prepared to go free of charge. He declined that too, stubborn yes, but whatever, he was kind of annoyed and didn't want to carry it around for the rest of the night (we were going elsewheres after).

She was very slow with the bills, but did bring out our custom cake as we asked. I only ended up getting 2 drinks over the 4 hours because it was just slow. In the end, everyone was dinged for a 15% gratuity on their food orders. Fair enough, it probably told us this on the menus. But the funniest thing was for my friends bill, the one that missed an order, she forgot to add the 15%. She had the gaul to approach him after, tell him that she forgot it, and informed him that he didn't tip enough to cover it.... he was a little confused, and basically brushed it off, without paying. I think if lacked the competance to charge someone for gratuity who probably wouldn't pay it, you shouldn't approach them after to pay it. It was ballsy though, i'll give her that!

Anyway... i just felt the need to rant about this. Again, food, awesome, service, less than so. I guess its hard to get good service for 12 people. The girl was just serving us and another relatively large table, but i guess it was a little too much. I should say she was very kind and very nice, but just a little less than prompt.


  1. Bob - It is nice to see you again. And, what a lovely new template you have.

  2. Thanks aggie, i've been keeping up with you too, bigtime! You're a massive museleb these days!!!

    Thanks about the template, but actually its just a color change from the basic template since the upgrade to the new wordpress by my lovely admin assistant. I should spend some time soon to really beef it up.