Friday, January 19, 2007

the original stoneface

Apparently this, the original location, was sold to a couple a few months ago. They've slowly been changing this n that, and as we arrived last weekend there was no art on the walls, different paint inside, and a different cook n sou. The sign is supposed to change soon (if it hasn't already) to "jaks kitchen" (not sure of the spelling). This blows imo, the new owners are going to be more evening menu focused, which is ridiculous cause they make shiteloads on their weekend brunch. Hopefully it doesn't change too much and they get a chef that can make homies, cause the dude there this weekend could NOT! That and they were almost out of potatos, they were out of sourdough, and their fruit sucked too. None of these are good signs that encourage growth or continuance of one of my favorite weekend rituals.

Change blows.

1 comment:

  1. AWW. this makes me so sad! Stoneface was *my* spot for weekend brunch when I lived around the corner on Flora and I hate to see it go. The new Stoneface is just not the same.