Sunday, November 19, 2006

recent large shows

Been out a few times recently. Saw the hold steady at zaphods:

if you wanna get a little light in the heady

Then last weekend saw his brood ness elliott brood at barrymore's:

let me hear ya!

They were both incredibly large shows. Massive in fact.

In other news, my renovation obsession is almost done. As i last updated you, the drywall is done. Unfortunately, it looks like shit, i did a pretty crap job, but the job is done. It has since been painted, and the floors are in. Now its to the moldings, frames, paint those, and then ly on the floor and bask. Then its nothing but computer games and for a few months. Ay.... well, we'll see about all that. But definitely some chillout time is in order.

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