Saturday, October 28, 2006

the drywall is... done

After what feels like forever, the drywall in the back room and a little bit of the corridor, is done. I just finished the final sanding run after the 3rd (or millionth) coat of mud. Phew. Doing your own drywall is REALLY time consuming. It just takes SOOOO long to mud corners, sand em down, fix skrew holes, etc.. But it is done now. I don't care if it looks like shit, but its done. I actually think its a pretty decent job, the ceiling corners aren't perfect, but most of the rest of it should be ok. Next is painting... and then finally, FINALLY, i can put the frickin floors down that have been sitting amidst the dust for months. O, and i can clean my house now, now, i have no excuse, there will be no more massive dust generation. Ahh, clean house.

I'm about to go out to a friends going away party now. He's joining the army, takes off for basic training next monday. I'm not sure what i think about it. Obviously i wish him the best. Perhaps if i hadn't of inhaled so much dust over the past 4 hours... well actually i was wearing a ventilator.

I really try to find excuses all the time don't eye? I'm tired... ahh, but soon i won't be, as this massive weight will soon be off my shoulders, and i can safely sleep in on the weekend, stay in bed, play video games, poker, etc., without a massive project looming. There i go, talking about myself again, totally self obsessed. I promise to reach outwards once my abode is under control, promise.

Friday, October 6, 2006

i'm not working as hard as i should be

So i'm watching this funny video about sex and lawyers:
Sexual Consent

I saw beruit last nite at zaphods. Very interesting, albeit incredibly childish band. Ya, it was pretty large for sure but the one kid with add kinda got on my good nerves in so much that it was almost more intesteting to watch and see what he was doing than to just listen to the music. Bah, whatever, they've got a kickass vibe, i'll probably check their cd for sure. I woulda got it there but all 8 of em were on stage so they couldn't man their merch.