Friday, September 1, 2006

minor poker rant

I haven't ranted about poker in a while, so now is a good time. I played a tournament tonite, a rather large tournament by my standards. It was a lot of fun, but in the end i'm out 80 bux. Let me break it down for you.

It was a 40$ buyin for 4000 in chips, a 15$ add on at the hour mark for an additional 2000 in chips, and an optional at any point in the first 2 hours rebuy for 25$, for 4000 in chips. I took all available options, you do the math.

My rebuy happenned shortly before the end of the first hour, me limping with 66, 2 other players. The big blind bets about 2x the pot with a 1000 bet on a flop of 345 all spades, i'm holding the 6 of spades. I thought about it, that player could be playing a5 with the ace of spades, or possibly 2 pair. I pushed the rest in, about 5 thousand, he thinks then calls, shows 35, boats on the river and i didn't improve. Theres my rebuy. As it turns out, i was a 64% favorite on him, a 61% favorite if he had the a5.

After the first hour, i added on, and worked my stack up to about 9 G's. I made one bad play by not raising on the river with a pot i coulda one, and was out about 2000 on that pot. That was the only "bad" play i made all night.

I went out when utg raised to 1200, 3x the big blind of 400. I had pocket kings. At this point i was down to about 6000. I pushed, he called, showed 99, first card on the flop, a 9, that was all she wrote. I had 100 left, and bu by.

Its frustrating cause i played pretty well, except for that one bad play. I'll get em next time damn it, damn it, i'll get em next time. Damn cards. It was fun though.

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  1. Well, Bob. You've gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.