Friday, September 15, 2006

and then i fell over

When i was in grade four i fainted for the first time. I was at school, in the evening, and we were doing some choral recital thing. I'm sure i was a lousy singer, probably hated it, but everyone had to do it. I was standing in the back row, elevated slightly. My mom was there, all the other parents too. I don't remember it too well, but i believe it was mid way through the 2nd or 3rd song when i started feeling dizzy. I didn't think too much of it, but then i distictly remember wondering if my head would reach the bookshelves to my right. When i openned my eyes my forhead hurt and i was mostly horizantal with a crowd of very concerned adults surrounding me. I didn't really know what happenned, but eventually figured it out. A good friend of mine was standing in front of me, luckily he broke my fall else i might'a broken my neck. My mom took me outside, i got some air and that was that. I had a big rug burn on my forehead.

That was the first time, but certainly not the last time i've fainted in my life. The next time wasn't long after wandering through a mall with my mom, i just passed out. I began to recoginize the warning signs after that, and could normally sit my ass down or splash some water on my face before i fell. I did some kung fu training when i was about 16 or so, in my first class i passed out. Everyone was *really* concerned there, i tried to tell them it was normal and nothing to worry about. Was it?

When i was at school in queens i spent an eve over at some friends house watching movies, having a few beers, and smoking some shite. I wasn't obliterated, but i was feeling pretty good when i left - i was probably feeling about average for bedtime given the serious daubachery that occurred during those formitive years. About 100 yards of walking later, and i was losing it. I fell to the ground in a heap on the sidewalk, and woke up a little while later, probably out for only a few seconds. I believe a couple people were hanging out near by and came by to help. I managed to drag myself up to their step and sat down. They were very nice and asked if they should call an ambulance. I said no, this is normal, and i just needed to sit for a little while. I can't blame them for not believing me, and going inside and calling an ambulance. They then stood inside the door and peered out at me until it showed up. The dudes did the light in the eye thing and asked questions. I was quite coherant by this point, and explained the possible contributing factor of recent wisdom teeth removal and continuing meds taking (ibprofen). They said ok eventually, and the dudes called a cab and that was that. That was the last time i fainted before tonite.

Just as in most cases, serious creep up occurred. I got to the tavern, drank a beer and had a smoke. Before i left my house i wolfed down some pb and banana sandwiches cause it was about the only food in the house, and didn't really eat much else all day. After the beer i was quite bloated, and didn't really feel too good. Decided to head downstairs to pee, feeling that it might gimme some space. I got to the urinal, and as soon as i started peeing, i felt massively woozy. I was like "this feels like those fainting warning signs". And i was like "no"... and then i was like "o shit". Finished peeing, luckily, and stumbled to the sink where i denied the possibility for a few more moments while i hastily washed my hands. Then as i tried to leave i was thinking "theres no way i'll make it up the stairs", and didn't as i collapsed more or less outside the door. It wasn't a total black out, but damn close. Some dude offerred witty remarks and some help as i eventually made it back into the can to splash water my face, almost pass out again, sit down for a minute or 2, then get back up, and really splash water on my face. I started to feel better after that. I chatted with the guy and i guess convinced him that i wasn't drunk or stoned, that this is normalish for me.

Went upstairs, seriously woozy but capable, and got a water at the bar. I was apparently white as a ghost, which was no surprise to me. I went outside and informed my friends of the issue, and decide to bail on the massive card action in the midst. Went to herb n spice, got some salty and sugarry foods, some fruit, and walked home without incident.

Would you be worried? Only now that i'm older and my body has represented signs of weakness do i really think its something i should consider looking in to. Mabye i will when i get my next physical, which probably won't be until something really serious is wrong... which is stupid.


  1. I used to have similar fainting experiences as a kid, but nothing I ever mentioned to my parents having been brought up in the grin-and-bear-it school. It often happened when I had been standing still for sometime. But I never realized that link until my half brother kept passing out, twenty years after my fainting spells stopped. His mother rushed him to the doctor who chortled and told him to move his feet more.
    Seems our genetic proclivity to grow quickly and intensely at a young ages leaves us at risk of fainting jags; cardiovascular systems just don't grow and expand as quickly as the rest of us. So when we stay still, standing for periods of time, all the blood pools at our feet and we pass out.
    Suddenly, it all made sense to me. My fainting spells came around the age of 11 when I hit my full height. My father began to remember having to shuffle his feet a lot while standing on parade at his boarding school in another country.
    But I'm guessing you haven't grown a lot recently? Not that I'd know, having no idea how the hell I stumbled across this web site in the first place ...


  2. sunday morning i woke at 5:50am , I went to the bathroom to go pee, i finished peeing... fainted smashed my face off of the counter top, or toilet , not sure (unconscious) went to the local hospital and received three stitches over right eye brow, and four stitches across from corner of right eye! What a stupid way to get scars! I could live with a hockey puck or stick or something sort of cool, but fainting while peeing.... come on

  3. Last Saturday 2:20am: I woke up - my bladder screaming from the many glasses of water I had consumed before going to bed about two hours earlier. I moved slowly from bed so as not to wake my wife, stepped over my slumbering dogs and quietly walked the short hall to the bathroom. I flipped up the toilet seat and stood, staring at the water in the bowl. I peed - like crazy - what a relief.........

    Next thing I know I hear something in the hall. Someone was coming. I open my eyes only to see floor tile right up against my face. My eye balls wonder around, my head still not moving. I can see the door is ajar but can't see who is coming down the hall. I'm confused. I jumped to my feet thinking that i'd be embarrassed if my friend (whose house it was) would find me on the floor of his bathroom. I pretend to be using the sink, my hands gripping either side of the basin. As the door opens I lift my head and look into the mirror. My face is colorless except for the blood draining from under my eye and my mouth. I turn my head to see my wife standing in the doorway. "what happened?" she calmly asks.

    Good question. I didn't mean to tell such a story but that's how I remember it. I'll stop there although it does continue (I puked, dripped sweat - was then freezing... hospital..).

    The hospital cleared me of anything serious. "you're fine" the Dr. reported "it's just something that happens".

    I fainted while peeing. Perhaps next time I'll step outside onto the lawn to pee, far away from cast iron sinks and hard tile floors.

    Had to share.....

  4. I fainted today for the first time...First i felt dizzy and then i lost my eyesight, my brother was helping me out...but the next thing i knew..i was sitting down on a chair..and people were gathered around me...i dont remember what happened, Obviously I fainted..I was out for a couple mins...i was told...and my brother had broken my fall...but while i fainted..i peed...kinda weird...what could that be...? I now have a fever and ive felt dizzy since then...its been a couple hours...