Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my new favorite snack

The dip in the pic is something i'm getting very much addicted to. Click the pic and follow the link for more details... i'm in love with its semi-bland refreshing and massive room to improve characteristics.

Monday, August 28, 2006

korean food near my house - miga restaurant

A korean-japanese restaurant opened up near my place recently, called "Miga", its on bank and waverley. What can i say, i'm thrilled!!!

Had dinner there last friday. With massive expectations we went in, and with great thirst i found out their liquor license is still pending. I fretted not, got some water and their brown rice tea, it was kickass. Their menu is a lot like the only other korean place i've been to in town, that bbq place on rideau, but perhaps not as big. They've got traditionalish korean dishes, japanese noodle dishes, and all the regular sushi stuff (nigiri, rolls, etc..).

Their main korean dishes come with miso soup and korean salads, ie sesame greens, kimchi, and what seemed like incredibly canadian potato salad. The kimchi might've been from a jar, but it still rocked (if bad kimchi exists, i've never tried it). The miso soup was well, just warm and kinda tasteless... but it was the only low point of the meal, and i still gulped it all back. We also ordered a spicy tuna roll for an app which was kickass, but again, how can you go wrong??

dolsot bibmbap
So we both ordered main dishes with all the fixins i mentioned above, I ordered the dolsot bibimbap pictured here. It arrived pretty much first, ie with the apps, which they apologized for, but because of the uncooked egg and the rockin hot stone bowl in which it can be cooked by the consumer, they probably didn't want to wait. It says on the menu its veggie, but it normally comes with beef, which was confusing, but i got them to omit the beef anyways. It was kickass. I liked cooking my own eggs, and with all the veggies and some funky red spicy sauce it rocked my world. But again, if you haven't learned by now, i'm kinda easy to please with food.

After it all they gave us this iced dea that was douced with cinammon to refresh us, and holy crap did it ever. The next time i go (possibly for take out) i'll try some of the japanese noodles. And yes, i will be back. It was reasonably priced (8-13 i think for a dish) and mostly filling, although for me i'd need an app and a dish to be fully satisfied. We were quite stuffed, but still went for gelato after, which didn't jive too well, but meh, it tasted good.

Read the one review here if you like. These people are a lot harder to please than myself. Its true, the portions might be improvable, i'll have to go check soeul house for sure, just to get a better frame of reference.

violent otown??

Violence begets violence, yes, and its all so frickin stupid it almost makes me want to be violent, but i won't fall victim to useless and stupid cycles, i'd like to think i'm above all that crap.

I hope these catch this mother f*cker:

I hate seeing this crap happen in ottawa, just like that incident outside sin a few months ago. It totally disgusts me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

lope lovin

Starting to really dig the cantelope. Its probably now my 3rd favorite breakfast fruit, behind bananas and mango's, but mango's are falling given their difficulty in eating.

Notice the bowl in the pic - i got a compost!!! I had some trees come down (finally) recently, and so now i've a sunny backyard...

"First we make a compost, then we plant grass" (sung to the tune, "first we take manhattan...")

But ya, the fruit is largo - i'm on massive vitimin c rush now. Half one day, the other half the next. For 2 bux you can't get any bettter than that.

And my windows are getting replaced, starting today. Will let you know how that goeth.

Friday, August 18, 2006

more home working

breakfastI've been the worst blogger every lately. Can't really clasify myself as one. Classification blows anyways.

I ate about 2/3 of:
- 1 cup organic white flour
- 1 cup vanilla soy milk
- 1 egg (1 yolk, then 1 folded egg white)
- 1 tablespoon olive oil (ya, its organic too)
- 2 tsp of baking powder (don't know what this does)
- 1/2 tsp salt
- lots of grade a maple syrup
- some organic margerine
- banana

Banana waffles rule.

Checked out a new thai place last weekend, Sacred Garden. Its vegitarian, its on bank, ottawa south but before riverside. It was very tasty, as most ottawa thai is. The soup - the tom yum - not up to massive par, but tasty. The most striking part is everything had a frickin meat substitute "protein" in it!!! I think its ridiculous!!! Apparently there's an art or something in coming up with things that look and taste like shrimp/beef/lamb/whatever that is made from plant, i'm not a buyer of it. Plus it all has wheat in it, and some people i know can't eat that cause they're celiac. So just substitute everything for tofu!!! Ok!!!! Which is good, but why not, i dunno, massively creative veggie/fruit dishes? Try some squash, eggplant, mangos, appples, hell roasted thai chillies!!! The food was good, the service was amazying, but holy crap, your special really isn't "lamb protein" is it!!! Geez. Please correct me if you think i'm being unfair.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006


I woke up this morning round 5 with a funny feeling. It took me a few seconds to realize what it was, and when i did i was quite shocked. I felt like i was gonna puke. I had really thin saliva throughout my mouth, and my body was telling me to get to a toliet, fast. I was more in shock than anything, i didn't drink (much) the previous night, so i was like "what the fuck?".

I hit the can, but managed to hold it back, or at least it didn't come flying out. I wondered "what did i eat"? I did have a bit of sushi the night before, but i also did the night before, and the night before that... hmmm. Coulda been a bad veggie, a bad chunk of highly concentrated pesticide?

Anyways, when i woke up, it was still kinda there, but tolerable. Gone by the time i got to work. Very strange. I've never felt like i had to vomit without intoxication. Hmmm... this is probably just another one of those older things. I've noticed now that i'm "older" (ha!), every few days you experience a normally uncomfortable feeling you've *never* experienced before. Bodies are capable of a lot of feelings, hopefully i'll have a few decades more of them.