Monday, July 17, 2006

feelin hot hot hot

I gots me a ceiling fan in my kitchen. It keeps my place cool in the day, but at night it roasts. I cleaned the dirt off the top this past weekend, not as bad as i thought it would be.

It just dumped some rain down, its cooler and my trees didn't get hit by lightning, so i'm happy. When it be a hot outside, people be slow, and thirsty. I was thirsty tonite, had to get out, went to an old stomping ground for some stomping. It was nice. I stomped. A little anyways, home by 11:30. Moosehead in a bottle is good, cause it stays reasonably refreshing for its duration...

Even my writing is slow... ssssslllllooooowwwww... i should sleep now. Yes.

Btw - wilco was awsome.
tweedy diggin it

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

when i work from home i get a lot eaten

lobstersSo i worked from home today. Lobsters were made last sunday, and the carcases have been sitting in a pot on the stove since then. I was home today, so i boiled the shit out of them, adding some other brothy items (onion, celery, carrot, salt). Eventually strained, and i had this kickass fishy broth... then i roasted a tomato, some garlic, and an onion, pureedished them, then added, and there you go. Some lobsteresque whatever soup. It's pretty damn tasty. I had that round 4.

Stepping back a sec, i did have lunch too. I'm onto this silken tofu stuff for spread purposes. I had about half a block, mixed with minced pickle, tomato, shallot, and... was that it? O, and some kimchi, that stuff is awesome!!! Added a bit of rice vinager, s & p, mixed, and it works as a good filler. I had some tortilla shells, plopped it on top, rollled, consumed. Very good. Only prob is those tortilla shells are NOT good for you. 2 shells (and they were the small ones) had like 500 mg of sodium or something outragous. Hence, i took in a full days worth of sodium at lunch. And chances are, if you go to lone star, that fajita meal is enough for the day too.

vermicelli and bbqed tofu balls 1This here is what i had for dinner. Of course i was hungry by 5 (little meat == little stay fulledness) so i went to that groc store on somerset near... shit i can't remember, its the massive one whose name is a number i think? Its west of preston, just west of that city center bridge. Anyways, i got some tofu balls and veggies and stuff. And some vermicelli, the straight kind, its much better for saladish dishes. So i made that cut up some cuke, carrot, tomato, bok choyish, and got some sprouts. For the dressing i went vietai, into a little over 1/2 cup hot/warm watter dissolve 1 tbsp. sugar, add 1 tbsp. fish sauce, juice of about half a lime, and this up coming thai mixture - 4 chillis, 2 cloves garlic, a good tbsp of ginger, 2 inches of lemongrass, salt, all minced and mortle and pestles till you're bored (which isn't long enough, but who wants to work!!!). Mix it all together, and add a few tbsp. to the tofu balls, refrig the rest. Then fire up the q, and blacken the tofu balls for kicks. Once done, add vermicelli to a bowl, the tofu balls, then veggies of your choice, then drizzle with sauce. I like it, its got bite, and is very lite!!!!!

Yay for working from home!!!! But now i actually have to acomplish something... i think i'll check the updates from the wsop.

Monday, July 3, 2006

reno update

Heres a quick update (i always appreciate nudges, thanks shell!) on how my renos are going.
looking into the bedroom

I've shifted focus to the bedroom/2ndroom of the unit. This weekend was highly productive. The wall's framing is complete, its electrical (once doublechecked since i had to move the outlets out) is all done, and the ceiling is strapped, insulated, and (mostly) ready for drywall. I've finally cleared out the majority of shit from the room and its relatively clean. I'm hoping this weekend i can get some folks over to help me throw the gypsum up on the ceiling and the walls (most of the walls).

looking into the bathroom

The one wall that i won't, is the bathroom. The bathroom is tricky cause i want to do the floors, new sink, and the tub. First thing will be to throw out the old sink, decommision and move the toilet out, screw the floor (literally), and lay tile. Then grout, then probably some sealant. Then the toilet can go back in and i can pee again.... but there's gonna be some time delay in there. If i'm uberfast, i can get all that done in a long day. But it will be tough. O, i forgot, the drywall really needs to go up first, and if theres a crease behind the toilet, it should be taped and compounded first. Not to mentionthe toilet needs to be moved a few inches - i haven't figured out how i'm gonna do that yet. But it must be done!
the exterior wall

The tile has all been bought. I'm doing this dark brownish/blackish tile on the floor, dark grout. The tub will be slick white on white with a boobhigh strip of these kick ass red glass tiles. It should be quite striking, hopefully. But thats another issue - not having a shower, no doubt for a few days (epoxy grout == hard to work with), but it needs to be done. Right now the wall with the shower spout is the only remaining chunk of the old dividing wall, the water coming out of the pipe hanging on a thread. But its worked so far.

Ok, thats it. Good progress, but so much left to do. Let me do a quick run down:
- added floor joists above
- rebuilt wall between bath and bedroom
- removed and rerouted existing electrical
- removed old redundant beam
- removed ceiling, drywall and wood
- removed all drywall, wood from one wall
- removed crap flooring
- added new beam for 1 existing and one new joist
- added new framing to exterior wall
- removed many, many nails
- insulated exterior wall
- ran 2 new curcuits, 3 plugs, 2 fixtures, 3 switches
- installed bath fan
- strapped ceiling
- added some ceiling sound insulation
- sweated a lot, fretted a lot, and had a lot of smoke breaks, the best of which include ice cream

But its been fun, and its good cause soon i'll actually have made "real progress"!!! Then to pick some flooring for the little hall and bedroom. Soon, soon, soon.

And hey, thanks for reading this far!!!! I'm going to sleep now.