Tuesday, June 13, 2006

thai in ottawa

So over the past couple of months, i've finally gotten off my ass and hit up some thai restaurants in my area. Heres a brief review/synopsis:

Coriander Thai (Kent St.)
Very dark and quiet decor, awesome food. First time i've had tom yum soup, and won't be the last, it was phenominal! Had the soup, and a salad and red curry dish, all tasted absolutely superb. Have since had takeout, and it wasn't nearly as good, and the portions seemed awfully small (hint, trend beginning).

Savanna Cafe (Gilmour St.)
Ok, not pure straight up thai, but pretty damn close. Only had one dinner here, a friday night job with some good wine and a desert... my meal was ok, not super kick ass, i think i had the ramen noodles with a bunch of seafood. Not nearly spicy enough, but still ok. I'll definitely go back though, the decor was nice, and its just a good spot. Service, very friendly. Portions were pretty consistent with coriander. No tom yum here, i think we had some rolls, must've been some freshish rice paper cause it was thick - and good.

Hot Peppers (Somerset & Lyon)
Finally hit this spot up. Never even went to zibbibo, which is what this place was a year and a half ago, but finally checked this one. Decor was nice, cute little wine bar upstairs, friendly and helpful staff. We did have the tom yum here, and while it wasn't quite as spicy as coriander, it was better - not by much, but it was, and it was absolutely amazing. For mains we had one of the salads and a seafood dish (i think), and neither was super kick ass, but it was pretty good. The cocunut rice was pretty good too.

Green Papaya (now on Preston)
Definitely nice decor. The place was quite busy for a sunday night, and the food took its time, but it was a nice meal. Tom yum - kinda flavourless. The food itself was good, we had the jungle curry and a shrimp salad, but man the portions were quite small. Even all the rice went with no problem. Lots of sauce with the curry which was good, but the whole meal left me wanting more. Even after the cheese cake (cheese cake isn't thai!!) i was still hungry.

All in all thai food costs way to frickin much. For a regular dish you're looking at 10+, and one dish ain't gonna cut it (for me anyways). The tom yum soups are awesome though, and hot peppers takes the cake. I think coriander has the peppiest stuff, full flavour just exploding, but the one time we had takeout it was less than desirable - these resaurants definitely have their best dishes and i'll have to figure out what those are. Unforutantely for 60+ per person its a bit of a kick in the teeth, especially for me who can go to cam kong (review pending!!!), spend 15 bux, and be ridiculously full and satisfied (and for another few get a mango slushie which is an explosion of satisfaction).

If anyone knows of any other thai restaurants i should hit up, i'm all ears - and once i figure out how to harness the flavour of the thai chile pepper from my mortar and pestle, i ain't ever going out for it again (actually i'll need to figure out what yum truly is at the bottom of my soul, then make it, and then i'll be good).


  1. yummm.....thai food...

    hey - wanna be a cheapeater? (have you ever seen the book? cheapeatsottawa.com).

    We need writers and food-eaters...


    PS - hot peppers takeout is awesome. As is the quick hot-peppers to go you can get from the roaster cherry coffee hosue on O'Connor.

  2. omg my typing is terrible today....apologies. :)

  3. I like food-eating!!!! I have seen that book, although i've certainly never posted to the site... perhaps i will now!

    I'll have to hit up the hotpeppers take out then, that'll be next for sure.

    And your writing really isn't that bad, no apologies necessary.

  4. I *can't* remember your email....so email me re: cheapeats...there's a bigger story to that one...

  5. Say Hi to Thai at the all new (had a fire) Siam Bistro on Wellington.