Friday, June 9, 2006

the pros and cons of my neighbourhood

On my way home tonite i saw something i haven't seen in a while. A pro and con of my hood. She was standing right outside the store i buy my cigs at, accross from where i do my laundry drop off, and dry cleaning. I don't think she's in either of those businesses. I had the urge to ask 'are you lost?', or 'whats going on?', but i didn't. I also had the urge to say 'get the hell outta my neighbourhood!!'. But i didn't do any of that. If she was on *my* street, i probably woulda been a bit more defensive. I remember a few years back when i lived a couple blocks away, me and my drunken friends yelling obscenities at these ladies that were trying to make an honest but perhaps unethical dime. Now, i feel like this is more of my home, and perhaps theres something i should be doing to protect it.

But then again, if she's not here, she'll be somewhere else, in someone elses neighbourhood. There must be a market after all, supply and demand and all that crap. Who's to say she isn't as much a part of my neighbourhood as i am. In fact she (or they) have been here much longer than i have. Gladstone is notorious. And she really doesn't bother me that much... its more the people she brings. The crackheads (thats what i call people that mostly bum change but occasionally bum change and are totally tweaked on something) would really piss me off if they hung out on my street, but when they're only surrounding the bars i hang out at on bank street its not such a "close to home" annoyance, and simply tolerated.

She's probably still standing there now... waiting for the con. Hopefully she has a good nite i guess. I of course would prefer her to have a sobering night, decide its time to quit, get some other income supplement, and never bait her hook in my, or anyone elses neighbourhood again. But that is wishful thinking. I remember amsterdam about 8 or 9 years ago. That was something. Girls in the windows with red lights over their heads. But even that amount of organization still concealed alleys and nooks and crannies filled with even more undesirables that didn't fit into the system. There will always be flaws, and always cracks in the system waiting to be filled if the desire is there. If humans developed their brains faster, we'd never of needed the pleasure aspect of sex to realize we needed to procreate to survive - we woulda known reproduction was the only means, and pleasure would of never been an issue. Just think of the things we could of accomplished... bah, we probably would've used our increased intellectual capacity to trick evoltion into blessing us with sex organs that gave us pleasure... damn we're smart. We live for sex, and because of sex we live on.

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