Friday, June 16, 2006

new york new york!!!

Well four of us are off today on a 4/5 day journey, one that will bring me, for the first time, to the first city of the world, new york city. I've never been, and never really had plans on going until a month or 2 ago a bunch of us, intoxicated no doubt, decided we should go to atlantic city to get our gamble on. Hell, if we're doing that, why not stop in for a night/day in new york? Damn straight.

Leaving in 2-minus, 2 hours. Back on tuesday. 2 nights in each city. Tomorrow i'll be strolling around the fair streets, hopefully seeing places seen so many times on seinfeld and sex in the city and various other media outlets. Originally i wasn't so excited, but now i totally am. How could i not be? I've seen and heard stories of this famous city for my whole life, never dreaming i'd have a reason to go. Now i do, and now i get to see it with mine own eyes. Many pictures will be taken, hopefully one or 2 will turn out and get posted here days five from now.

And even better, i'm off work next week!!! I'm gonna hopefully tackle massive washroom renovations, removing it all, drywall, new sink, tile, paint, etc.. I just have to hold in my crap for a few days, or eat lots of fast food to use their can. And after the binge trip i'm heading on shortly, this may not be an option... having these as my biggest decisions and tribulations, fills me with great pleasure, satisfaction, pride, and humility, i take none of this for granted, and am very grateful to be in this position... :)

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  1. two days is just long enough to get addicted to the york is one of my very favourite places.

    hang in chelsea! it's like the centretown away from centretown.