Saturday, May 6, 2006

lane misuse and interior framing

I've always had a serious problem with people who misuse lanes on the queensway. When i get off at kent, i like the fourth, rightmost lane to be all mine after bronson. I'll cruise along slightly faster than the rest of the snarly traffic, and should have an unobstructed path to kent street. But you get those days, where there'll be a dozen cars all left blinky blinky holdin me up, and it pisses me off. Sure, a couple coulda been from outta town and oblivious to the signs, but most are just making use of the real estate at other, more considerate drivers expenses.

Thats not really that bad though - worse, is the westbound conjunction of the 416 to the queensway. Damn this pisses me off somethin fierce. You get slowdowns every morning, sometimes as far back as the bayshore offramp (rare), and then low and behold, a new lane develops half a click before the moodie offramp!!! "This lane must be for me to pass all these people" says annoying assholes in hummer h2's and various other scorn worthy vehicles. They cross lines and pull out at the first sight of a clear chunk of pavement, nary a shouldercheck to look for incoming legitimate mergers they will be disguising themselves as 10 seconds later. Holy crap, something fierce, i hate that. Am i right in this? Or is this survival of the fittest? I think its selfish and uncanadian, and it pisses me off.

And don't get me started on march and campeau. Holy crap. Something equally fierce.

In other news, i think i'm going to reframe my back bedroom from the inside out. Theres only a few nails holding up the second story of my house so i'm gonna add some more support from the inside. The room is gutted now, ready for 2 by 4 action. First thing though, i need to decide if i want to replace the window. Its shite. I might replace a bunch of windows. And by me, i mean someone who knows what the fuck they're doing. Cause i don't think i should mess with windows... should i??

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