Thursday, May 11, 2006

i left my wallet on clemow ave.

So since i've been training now for this 10k i'm running in a few weeks, i've gotten quite used to running through the glebe in the evening. I just got back from a relatively eventful sprint run and thought i would share my delightful experience with y'all.

I run started like most others, slowly and with intent. However, the intent this eve was a sprint one, a 10x400m thingy where i run "as fast as i can" for 400m, 10 times. During this training i've only had to do this 2 times prior, and both times it was tuff. I had hopes of going to the track next to the school on glebe ave. near bronson. I got in, but after one lap some dude told me "if you stay in here you'll have to hop the fence to get out". This didn't seem too appealing. So i wussily left to roam the streets of the glebe and do approximated 400m.

You know whats sweet about running through the glebe in the spring in the eve? The smells. Damn, them rich glebe folk sure bbq some fine meats. I think i like the smell of meat more than the taste these days. I'd rather devour a pound of the table's avacado salad than a pound of any meats these days, a mix of veggies and spices is way more appealing than chewing thru fatty parts of a steak or having to cut through bone where you thought there shouldn't be any on a cheap cut of ribs. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy that, just not as much anymore...

I digress. From what? O ya, my run, not much happenned after that. Lots of people that walk on glebe ave just west of bank have mean looks on their faces. Everyone looks at you when you run, and i look at most people back. Some of the old dudes give me the feeling that "damn, no runners on my streets, i'm gonna raise this up at the next community council meeting that i'm on my way to right now". I'm probably just being over sensitive.

a runners half dinner
Then i got home and had a shower. Then i ate what you see beside this, the first half of my dinner (2nd half tbd). This is last nights spinach, red onion (soaked to sweeten), cuke, and grape tomato salad with a 5:1 rice vinager to olive oil dressing. Surprisingly, super kick ass!!! The milk, in bk's old lotr glasses, is so good's chocolate mixed with fat free. Its good shit too. Hot damn i'm getting old.

Thanks for reading this far, if you really did - with some local bloggers out of the country or the blogging scene altogether, there seems to be less inspirational reasons to blog, but recent comments have refeuled some fire. Or mabye thats my colon. Naw, its the comments, thanks for getting this far, and thanks to those that originally inspired me to babble endlessly to no one in particular about nothing in particular for what would seem to be no particular reason but no doubt is actually quite reasonable. Ahhhh, thats better.


  1. Bob - I love your blog and quest for good living and health. Your food pictures inspire me. I have a lot to learn from this. I've been called a Vodkatarian (by the Chair, who is one to talk) which means a drinker who occasionally does a yoga class...I will be following your blog with interest.

  2. Why thanks Aggy, massively appreciated!!! Keep in mind, i leave much debauchery out, i still smoke (even after runs!!), and drink (had a few last night), and have little restraint when it comes to other unhealthy substances (thai kettle chips of course!!!). But its about balance right?? At least it is for me, it keeps me happy and tickin :)

    And i do like vodka, but only in caesers. Which to a vodkatarian is probably blasphemous, and for that, i apoligize.